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Adam Schefter has reported that Steve Spagnuolo, the guy all Eagles fans covet, spent Monday interviewing with the Indianapolis Colts about their defensive coordinator job.  Oddly, this was reported at about the same time it was announced that the Colts have fired head coach Jim Caldwell.

Why would the Colts interview someone for their defensive coordinator position and then fire the head coach?  Something doesn’t quite add up there.  Usually, a head coach will hire his coordinators.

However, since the new GM in Indianapolis is Ryan Grigson, former Director of Player Personnel in Philly, I wonder if he’s going to try and bring in some “Philly guys.”

Ever since Grigson joined the Colts, the idea has been suggested that he could go after Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg to be their new head coach.  It is sound logic since the Colts will be drafting Andrew Luck and Mornhinweg has the credentials to groom him.

This would also make sense as to why Spags was there interviewing on Monday.  If Mornhinweg were to take the head coaching job, I’m sure he would love to have Spags running the defense since they both worked together in Philly.

The fact that it appears the Colts are ready to start a new era with Andrew Luck as their franchise quarterback, it would make sense for them to hire an offensive-minded coach…just like the Eagles did with Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb.

And of course, Grigson could very well have a similar philosophy since he saw how successful that combination was in Philadelphia.

It all makes sense, but is obviously just pure speculation at this point.  One thing is for sure, if the Eagles want to make a move for a defensive coordinator, they better act fast.  The movement of top DCs is beginning:

New Orleans DC Gregg Williams, whose contract is up with the Saints, is expected to join Jeff Fisher in St. Louis in the near future.  Also, Jay Glazer has now reported that former Miami DC Mike Nolan has been hired by the Atlanta Falcons.

Mike Nolan and Steve Spagnuolo were the main two choices I wanted to see come to Philadelphia.  Now that Nolan is off the market, Spags is really the only worthwhile guy left (and the guy I prefer anyway).

However, it’s entirely possible that Spags just doesn’t want to come here.  The Eagles were already said to have interest in him, but the interest has to be a two-way street.

You have to think that if Philly were Spags’ first choice, he’d already be here.  It doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, but with each passing day it just seems less and less likely.

Initially it seemed as if the Eagles were the favorites in the Spags competition, but now it seems they just might blow yet another 4th quarter lead.

Ultimately, we could very well end up with Juan more year of Castillo.

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