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Reid is saying even less than usual.

Whatever anyone thinks the Philadelphia Eaglesare going to do, believe one thing.  They won’t do it.  Just when you think they have no choice but to make a major change, that is when they dig their heels in deepest.The Eagles as an organization are a very insular group that seems to think they are smarter than everyone else, and if everyone else feels a certain way, then that way clearly isn’t for them.

They have been this way for over a decade.  For some reason, the fans and media seemed to think this was going to be an offseason o sweeping change.  That even though Jeffrey Lurie supported his head coach’s return, this was his last chance and he needed to shore things up for one final run.

But guess what happened?  Nothing.  They fired the defensive backs coach.  That was all the change they seem to feel is necessary.  Actually, there is one other thing that changed.

Andy Reid has now gone 23 full days without addressing this past failed season to the media and the fanbase. Actually, aside from Lurie’s supportive press conference, the only person who has spoken at all is Juan Castillo. Remember him? The defensive coordinator that was presumed gone by midseason.

Even he didn’t talk much.  When asked at the Senior Bowl if he was continuing as defensive coordinator, he simply said, “You got to go through Andy.  I’m just working.”

And that is that.  The Eagles appear totally prepared to resume business as usually, except for the part where the coach and the face of the organization discusses the season that just passed.

Philadelphia fans have been accused before of being front runners.  Supporting the team when things are good, but booing and bailing during down times.  The thing is, fans in Philadelphia always care.  It always matters to them.  No matter how good or bad, they want nothing but to enjoy their teams and watch them win.

The funny thing is, the Eagles appear to be front runners at the moment.  Remember the first week after the lockout?  They signed all those players and Reid, Joe Banner and Howie Roseman were all smiles and patting themselves on the back.  They were “all in” so they said.

Fast forward to January 24th.  None of the three has been anywhere to be found.  Not a peep from any of them.  When things are good they can’t wait to be out in front basking in their Lombardi-less glory.  When things don’t work out, they hide in their cave known as the NovaCare Complex.

They seem to think if they stay quiet long enough, maybe people will forget what a disaster 2011 was.  Somehow they think avoidance is the best policy.

All Eagles fans know is, while the Eagles’ decision-makers are in hiding, another NFC East rival is playing for yet another championship.  If the Giants win the Super Bowl, they are going to wish they got the post-mortem over with sooner.

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