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Hey everyone, beginning Monday, 1/9/12, there will be a new writer contributing to Eagles Addict.  His name is Ron Pasceri and he’ll be sharing his thoughts and opinions about our beloved Philadelphia Eagles.

Ron expresses his thoughts in a logical and level-headed way.  He’s a die-hard Birds fan but maintains an objective viewpoint on the team and the organization.  He gives credit where credit is due but also does not view the world through “green goggles.”

Together, Ron and I will strive to keep you up to date on the current happenings with all things Eagles-related and provide our highly subjective…but always objective…opinions and analysis.

So, please welcome Ron aboard!  Don’t be afraid to let him know what you think, he welcomes and values your opinions as much as I do.  He especially loves it when you disagree with him, right Ron?

Anyway, here is a little bit more about Ron and how he came to eventually write about the Eagles…

Ron is a lifelong, passionate Eagles fan.  His first team was the Buddy Ryan, Randall Cunningham, Reggie White, Gang Green Eagles.  No kid could resist the bravado of Buddy, so Ron was sold as a 7-year old.

He grew up writing papers about his favorite team’s players and summaries of their seasons.  There is not much else he has more passion for than the Birds.

Just starting out as an Eagles and Villanova basketball writer on Bleacher Report, Ron is looking to expand his writing horizons and go as far as he can with his writing.

Ron is a frequent listener of sports talk radio, and finds that he mostly disagrees with caller opinions.  He feels he has things to say that haven’t already been beaten into the dirt.

He is rational, or at least tries to be, and gave up his “fanboy” days when Donovan McNabb left town.   He has been a season ticket holder since 2000, McNabb’s first year as the starter, and Reid’s first playoff season.

He hopes to bring fun, unique and interesting content to EaglesAddict, and looks forward to interacting with anyone else who has opinions to share.



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