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Since Eagles fans can’t get any enjoyment from their own team this season, how about a quick laugh at the Dallas Cowboys?  Any time Dallas loses, life is good.

Especially the way in which they lost to the Arizona Cardinals.

Just before the end of regulation in yesterday’s game, the Cowboys lined up for a would-be game-winning field goal.  The game was tied 13-13 and Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey lined up to attempt a 49 yard kick.

However, just before the ball was snapped, Jason Garrett called time-out from the sideline.

The ball was still snapped and Bailey still kicked it…and made it.  But, the time-out negated the play.

When Bailey tried the kick again, following the time-out, he missed it and the game went into overtime.

Seven plays into the overtime period, the Cardinals won it on a 52-yard screen pass from Kevin Kolb to LaRod Stephens-Howling for a touchdown.

All I have to say to Jason Garrett and his idiotic time-out is…

Nelson from the Simpsons

And we think Andy Reid is bad?

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