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Eagles Santa Claus

Twas the nightmare before Christmas, when all through Philly
Eagles fans were pumped, they were drunk and acting silly.
The Jets had beaten the Giants, twas now Eagles vs. Dallas
Playoffs hopes were on the line, time to beat dem ‘Boys with malice.

The fans were nestled all snug on their couches,
They said “Dallas sucks!”, but knew they weren’t slouches.
And Joey in his jersey, and I in my Eagles cap,
Had wished we were in Texas to give Jerry’s face a slap.

Then out on the field the game kicked off,
Time to play tough, not time to be soft.
Over to the television I flew like a flash,
Turned up the volume and grabbed a beer from my stash.

With so much on the line, the Eagles just had to win,
But Philly fans are cursed, that thought had kicked in.
Then, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
The Philadelphia Eagles, from earlier in the year.

With the big old coach, so predictable it’s sick,
Look, there goes Michael Vick, he just threw another pick.
Why are we passing so much, just run the damn ball,
We have the best rusher, but a coach who can’t play call.

The game had ended, look at the scoreboard and read,
They coulda woulda shoulda, but blew their 4th quarter lead.
Then Reid was at his presser, the Eagles had failed their mission,
It’s all on me, he said, I have to put players in better position.

Andy Reid Santa Claus

Okay, I know that was probably pretty bad on my part.  But hey, I’m in the holiday spirit!

Today, in Week 16 of the 2011 NFL season, is another do-or-die day for the Philadelphia Eagles.  Their playoff hopes are hanging on by the slightest of threads; a thread that may finally break should the Jets lose to the Giants today.

However, that would be easier to swallow than the worst case scenario that could also play out.

It would be just an Eagles fan’s luck that the New York Jets beat the New York Giants, which would put Eagles fans in pre-holiday hysteria, but then watch the Eagles lose to the Cowboys.

Can you imagine if that happened?  It would be a fitting end to this season, though.  They could give us one last disappointment for 2011 and ruin Christmas (for those who celebrate it).

And to make matters worse, it would come at the hands of one of the most hated rivals in Eagles history.

However, I’ll be hoping for a little holiday magic.  If the Jets can defeat the Giants, it is going to make for a seriously intense game in Big D.

Hold on to your stockings, this sleigh ride is going to get bumpy!


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