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Michael Vick and Vince Young

The only QB controversy in Philadelphia is in the minds of some Eagles fans who think Vince Young should be the starter going forward.  To the rest of the sane world, there is no controversy.

Michael Vick will be the starter again once healthy enough to play, period.

First of all, here’s a quote from head coach Andy Reid when asked if Vick will be the starter again once healthy (quote provided by the Eagletarian, a Daily News Blog):

Michael Vick will start at quarterback as soon as he is ready to return from broken ribs, coach Andy Reid said.

Asked to confirm for the record that was his plan, Reid said, “Yes.”

Yeah, I know, Reid has said things like that before only to change his mind (ala the Kevin Kolb/Michael Vick switch-aroo last year).  Nonetheless, that’s all we have to go on at this point.

Secondly, what did Vince Young do against the New York Giants that makes him worthy of being the starter over Vick?  He played merely “okay” overall and didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

His stats were okay in completing 23 out of 36 passes for 258 yard and two touchdowns.  But he also threw three interceptions, including one in the red zone to keep the Eagles’ streak alive.

Sure, you could say one of those INTs weren’t his fault because the pass bounced off the receiver’s helmet.  However, he also had a fourth INT that had to be overturned by a coach’s challenge.

The best thing Young did was lead that 18-play, 80 yard drive that took almost nine minutes off the clock and converted six third down attempts.  It was a remarkable drive and came right after the Giants scored and had the momentum.

However, prior to that, Young was his usual mediocre self.

Everyone loves to point to his now 31-17 record as a starting quarterback and say he “just wins.”  Well, Tim Tebow “just wins” but I wouldn’t want him quarterbacking my team.

Vince Young did not play above and beyond anything Michael Vick has done this season.  He was also the beneficiary of a great defensive effort by the Eagles as well as a putrid offensive effort by the Giants.

I’m happy that Young played well enough to win and it was good to see the Eagles take control of a game in the fourth quarter.  But let’s not get carried away here.

Michael Vick is still the quarterback that gives the Eagles the best chance to win because he has the dynamic play-making skills that most other QBs lack, including Vince Young.

Young is just an average player who happens to have a knack for winning.  But if you look at his 31-17 record a little more closely, you’ll see that most of his wins have come against lesser opponents.

According to, Young is actually just 5-10 against playoff-caliber teams.  So again, let’s not get ready to anoint Young as Philadelphia’s savior this season.

I’m not saying that Michael Vick has been playing well enough this year that he should be the unquestioned starter, because that’s simply not the case.  I’m just saying that Young’s performance against New York was not good enough to consider starting him over a healthy Vick.

However, if Young starts against New England and the Eagles end up winning the game, the QB controversy will be in full effect next week.

And if Young plays like he did against the Giants, my opinion will remain the same.  If he plays a “cleaner” game and is a significant factor in the win, my opinion could be subject to change.



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