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Daniel Te'o-Nesheim

Defensive end Daniel Te’o-Nesheim, a 2010 third-round draft pick by the Philadelphia Eagles, was signed off the Eagles’ practice squad by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He is the latest example of an Andy Reid third-round draft bust.

Te’o-Nesheim made the 53-man roster last year but only appeared in six games and notched just two tackles, although one was a sack against the Dallas Cowboys in the final week of the season.

This year, he couldn’t make the roster and was waived during the final cuts in September.  He passed through waivers and was able to be added to the practice squad.

At the time he was drafted, many draft pundits and fans were surprised for two reasons: the Eagles had already taken a defensive end in the first round (Brandon Graham) and Te’o-Nesheim was a small-school player that most people had rated as a 4th – 5th round prospect at best.

Perhaps the most memorable thing about Te’o-Nesheim was his underwhelming reaction to being drafted.  It was almost as if he was “spaced out” and not too interested in the whole excitement of getting drafted.

He stated at the time he was picked, he was lying on his floor just staring at the ceiling.  This comment prompted former Eagles DE Hugh Douglas to state the following:

“What were you smoking? Weed?'” Te’o-Nesheim said Thursday after a workout in training camp-like heat. (And, no, he said he wasn’t smoking weed.)

And that’s about as good as things got during his brief time here in Philadelphia.

The problem is that, after only one season, a player drafted in the third round is gone.  The third round is still considered a round in which you should be able to find solid football players; aka, guys that will become starters for your football team.

So in essence, it was a valuable draft pick wasted.  Again.

During the Andy Reid era, the Eagles have had their fair share of third round draft busts.  Part of the problem is that they seem to use this round to draft players that are considered “projects.”

And many times they are players who most people think the Eagles have “reached” for.  Here is a quick run-down of all the players Reid has drafted in round three:

CB Curtis Marsh (2011)
DE Daniel Te’o-Nesheim (2010)
DE Bryan Smith (2008)
LB Stewart Bradley (2007)
RB Tony Hunt (2007)
LB Chris Gocong (2006)
RB Ryan Moats (2005)
DB Matt Ware (2004)
WR Billy McMullen (2003)
RB Brian Westbrook (2002)
DE Derrick Burgess (2001)
OL Doug Brzezinski (1999)

Not exactly the all-pro list right there.  You have one superstar (Westbrook), one good player (Burgess), one okay player (Brzezinski), one yet-to-be-determined (Marsh) and eight players who were either disappointing or just flat-out busts.

The funny thing is, Reid started out with three-straight good third-round players but hasn’t found one since Brian Westbrook in 2002.  Derrick Burgess was a good player but unfortunately he didn’t blossom until he left Philly.

Stewart Bradley showed promise but ultimately disappointed here in Philadelphia (and continues to disappoint in Arizona).

Billy McMullen, Bryan Smith, Chris Gocong, Daniel Te’o-Nesheim and Curtis Marsh were all considered project players and could have been had later in the draft (most likely).

At least Gocong was a starter before being traded away to Cleveland but he was ultimately just another wasted draft pick.

Hopefully Curtis Marsh can break the streak of useless third-round players.  If he doesn’t progress to at least the nickel cornerback position next season, he’ll just be another addition to the Andy Reid all-time draft bust roster.









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2 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles: Te’o-Nesheim the Latest in Long History of 3rd Round Busts

  1. Bill says:

    That is an ugly list. If Reid is gone at the end of the year, who’s gonna be in charge of drafting next year?

    • Hey Bill, good question but I’d imagine Howie Roseman will still be around. He and the new coach would be in charge I’d imagine. The Eagles do need to draft better…MUCH better…and stop taking project players in the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

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