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DeSean Jackson vs Giants Week 11

DeSean Jackson made his presence felt at Met Life Stadium during the Philadelphia Eagles’ victory over the New York Giants in Week 11.  And by presence felt, I’m not talking about his play on the field, I’m talking about the warmth from the light he apparently gives off.

According to Chris McPherson of, Jackson gave the following quote after the game:

“You have to be a professional about the situation. I know what happened. I just really let my team down,” he said. “What I love to do is to come out and help this team win games since day one since I’ve been here, the playmaker ability, just the spark, the energy I’m able to bring to this team. People don’t really understand the light that I bring and just kind of shine on my teammates.”

That last line, well, just cracks me up.  “People don’t really understand the light that I bring and just kind of shine on my teammates.”

Ah, DeSean Jackson.  He of maketh thy play, act-ith like child and the selfless giver of light.  Why, he is so bright his Daddy used to call him “Sun.”

On one hand, Jackson is right.  His presence on the field makes those around him better.  If you didn’t notice, when Jackson left the field for a brief period during the game, the Giants crept their safeties up closer to the line of scrimmage.

Once he came back on the field, the safeties played deep again.  And that’s what he brings to this offense: teams have to respect the deep ball when he’s out there and it changes the way defenses play.

However, it doesn’t mean that Jackson has act all full of himself by saying things like his light shining on his teammates.  I mean, come on DeSean, take it down a notch would ya?

Nobody can deny his playmaking skills though.  Jackson redeemed himself a little bit last night by catching six passes for 88 yards.  Though he didn’t score, he had one of the biggest plays of the game.

During the Eagles’ incredible fourth-quarter drive that lasted 18 plays, ate almost nine minutes of the game clock, included six third-down conversions and resulted in a touchdown, Jackson had one of the clutch third-down plays.

On 3rd and four from the Giants’ 20 yard line, Jackson caught a short pass from Vince Young that was short of the first-down marker.  He made a great spin move to break what seemed like a sure tackle, and got the first down.

He also darn near had another punt return for a touchdown.  With the second quarter approaching the two-minute mark, Jackson broke off a 51-yard punt return that was just one misstep out-of-bounds from being a touchdown.

Giants punter Steve Weatherford got just enough of Jackson to make him step on the white paint along the sidelines to save the score.

However, it did set the Eagles up with a first-and-ten at the Giants’ 14 yard line and the Eagles would score a touchdown before half-time.  Again, these are the types of things that Jackson can do for the team.

He’s a playmaker.  Although, he can be an immature kid too and that was on display as well.

In the second quarter, the Eagles took over to start a drive from their own two yard line.  On the first play, Vince Young took a deep drop and launched one down the right sideline.

Jackson had beaten his man, and if hit in stride it would have been a 98 yard touchdown pass.  But, he had to slow down to make the catch, allowing the defender to catch up and knock him out of bounds.

However, the play was for a 50 yard gain.  After being pushed out of bounds along the Giants sideline, Jackson flipped the ball at one the assistant coaches and began taunting the players and fans.

We all know how Jackson is, he was pounding his chest with his fist and saying what I’m sure was self-complimentary things to everyone who could hear.

Because of his immature actions, he was penalized for taunting.  And because the Giants were penalized for defensive holding on the same play, the referees ended up ruling them as off-setting penalties and to replay the down.

Therefore, instead of first down at the Giants’ 48 yard line, the ball remained back at their own two yard line.

That’s the type of stuff Jackson needs to learn to control.  I don’t have any problems with players getting fired up, but don’t do it excessively where it puts you at risk for penalty.

There are times when you need to just act as if you’ve “been there” before and be a professional.  Don’t wipe out a big play in a tight game with immature actions.

However, I suppose we have to take the good with the bad when it comes to DeSean Jackson.  He’s an explosive player and brings an element to the Eagles’ offense that not many other players could.

His case for a new contract has been both helped and hurt in these past two weeks.

Jackson was deactivated for the Eagles’ Week 10 game against Arizona for missing a team meeting.  The Eagles would go on to lose that game to a woeful Cardinals team and the passing game could never get going.

Then, he comes back this week and is a big factor in the Week 11 win over the Giants while the Eagles were playing with their back-up quarterback and missing fellow wide-out Jeremy Maclin.

There’s little doubt that Jackson is a valuable commodity for the Eagles’ offense.  The problem is, and will be going forward, transforming that value into a monetary amount.

Maybe Jackson should use his light and shine it on his contract negotiations.  It’ll help Joe Banner see things a little more clearly with better lighting.

Of course, Banner probably prefers the dimmer, energy-efficient type of lighting because it saves money in the long run.







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