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The Philadelphia Eagles are not out of the playoff hunt just yet.  After reviewing their 11 remaining games, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the Eagles will finish with an 11-5 or 10-6 record and win the NFC East division.

Sound crazy?  Maybe not as much as you’d think.

Look, the Eagles’ problems are well documented right now, but this is still a team that has a ton of talent on its roster.  If not for some correctable mistakes, such as turnovers and poor tackling, this team could very easily be 4-1 right now.

The good news is that the NFC East division is weak this year.  The Eagles still have five games within their division and can still make their mark.  Plus, the Eagles do not play any of the NFC’s hot teams: Detroit, Green Bay and New Orleans.

As a matter of fact, outside of those three “hot teams”, the entire NFC is open for competition.  What other team in the conference jumps out at you and screams “definite playoff team?”

So, assuming that the Eagles correct their turnover problems and stiffen up a little bit on defense, they will have a good chance at making a run over these next 11 weeks.

Here is a look at their 11 remaining games and how they stack up in each of them.  I might be a homer, but I think there is a decent shot at winning at least nine of them.

Redskins Suck

Week 6: Washington Redskins

Current record: 3-1
Offensive ranking: 15th
Defensive ranking: 6th

The Washington Redskins are the surprise leaders of the NFC East.  However, they have only beaten the likes of Arizona, St. Louis and the New York Giants.

The Redskins have been playing better, but they are clearly beatable.  The Eagles will be the best team they’ve faced so far so we shall see how good they really are.

The Eagles are in desperation mode right now.  They will win this game, and do so convincingly.


Eagles 27

Redskins 17

Cowboys Suck

Week 8: Dallas Cowboys

Current record: 2-2
Offensive ranking: 6th
Defensive ranking: 4th

Even though the Dallas Cowboys rank in the top 10 overall in both offense and defense, they have still struggled to win this season.  They beat the Redskins by kicking six field goals and barely eked out a win in OT against the San Francisco 49ers.

The Eagles will be coming off of a bye week here and will be looking to build on the momentum they generated against Washington.  It’s another division game and the Eagles will have to make a statement this week.


Eagles 24

Cowboys 21

Bears Suck

Week 9: Chicago Bears

Current record: 2-3
Offensive ranking: 23rd
Defensive ranking: 29th

As you can see, the Bears’ offensive and defensive rankings are pretty low.  They started the season off by smoking the Atlanta Falcons, but they’ve been the ones getting smoked ever since.

Like the Eagles, the Bears seemed to have lost their mojo this season after winning the NFC North last year.  However, they are nowhere near the Eagles as far as overall talent.

The only player the Eagles will have to worry about is RB Matt Forte.  If they can limit him, the Eagles should have a relatively easy time with the Bears.


Eagles 34

Bears 14

Eagles vs Cardinals

Week 10: Arizona Cardinals

Current record: 1-4
Offensive ranking: 17th
Defensive ranking: 22nd

Kevin Kolb returns to Philadelphia with the hope that he’ll get to show everyone why the Eagles should have kept him.  However, he instead gets intercepted three times, including one to Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (DRC) that gets returned for a TD.

The best match-up in this game will be WR Larry Fitzgerald against CBs Nnamdi Asomugha and/or DRC.  Fitz will make a few plays but the Cardinals will not score more than 17 points in this game.

Kevin “corn on the” Kolb will get shucked and the Eagles will win easily.


Eagles 38

Cardinals 13

Eli Manning sucks

Week 11: New York Giants

Current record: 3-2
Offensive ranking: 13th
Defensive ranking: 20th

The long awaited rematch against the pesky Giants.  This will be a tough game, but only because it’s a division game between two teams that know each other.

Eli Manning and the Giants have looked erratic so far this season.  Their wins haven’t been impressive and just last week they had one of their trademark collapses.

The game will be close and likely come down to a last minute play.  This could be the game where rookie kicker Alex Henery makes his first game-winning field goal.

Since the Giants beat the Eagles the first time around, this game is a must-win for the birds.


Eagles 27

Giants 24

Tom Brady

Week 12: New England Patriots

Current record: 4-1
Offensive ranking: 1st
Defensive ranking: 32nd

Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum!  The Patriots are ranked first in overall offense but dead last in overall defense.

This is one game that most people will have the Eagles losing.  Well, they’re playing the almighty New England Patriots with Tom Terrific at QB and the genius that is Bill Belichick at head coach, so they have to lose, right?


Last year, Michael Vick excised the Peyton Manning demon that had always haunted the Eagles.  This year, he’ll do the same against the Pats and lead the Eagles in their first victory of a Tom Brady-led team.

This could be one of the most exciting games of the season as it has the makings of a shootout.  Both teams have high-powered offenses to go along with defenses that have gaping holes.

However, by this point in the season, the Eagles defense will be much improved and it has the talent to frustrate Tom Brady.  They won’t stop him, but the Eagles’ defense has a better chance at slowing down the opposing offense than does the Patriots’ defense.

The Eagles will win in a wild one.


Eagles 37

Patriots 35


Andy Reid

Wake me up when we get back to Philly

Week 13: Seattle Seahawks

Current record: 2-3
Offensive ranking: 29th
Defensive ranking: 17th

This will be the next loss for the Eagles.  After coming off of a wild and emotional victory over New England, the Eagles will have to fly all the way across the country to play in a notoriously tough environment.

Many NFL teams have said that traveling to Seattle and playing a game there is the toughest road trip in the league.  Plus, the Eagles have to do this on a short week to boot!

The Seahawks have been playing better as of late and should continue to improve.  When you combine that with the travel factor and short week, it spells doom for Philly.


Eagles 20

Seahawks 27

Dolphins suck

Week 14: Miami Dolphins

Current record: 0-4
Offensive ranking: 16th
Defensive ranking: 28th

The Miami Dolphins cemented their fate this year when they decided to keep head coach Tony Sparano and QB Chad Henne.  And now Henne is out for the season.

By this point in the season, the Dolphins will be looking to wrap up the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 draft.  The only reason they could possibly be motivated at this stage is if they have a new head coach.

Otherwise, the Eagles shouldn’t have much trouble with this team as the Dolphins just aren’t very good this year.


Eagles 28

Dolphins 10

Dirty Sanchez

Week 15: New York Jets

Current record: 2-3
Offensive ranking: 28th
Defensive ranking: 11th

The New York Jets are surprisingly not-so-good this year.  After starting out 2-0 with impressive wins over Dallas and Jacksonville, the Jets have fallen apart on both sides of the ball in the past three games.

They’re ranked No. 11 in overall defense, but they are just 23rd in points allowed and 26th against the rush.  The Jets win with good defensive play.  If that unit is not playing well, the Jets lose.

This is a good match-up for the Eagles.  They have too many receivers for CB Darrelle Revis to cover and LeSean McCoy will run all over them.

The Jets’ offense has absolutely zero-chance to keep pace with the Eagles.


Eagles 30

Jets 17

Tony Romo chokes

Week 16: Dallas Cowboys

Current record: 2-2
Offensive ranking: 6th
Defensive ranking: 4th

The second meeting between the Eagles and Cowboys comes on Christmas Eve.  That’s a pity for Dallas fans as they will be getting a nice lump of coal in their stockings!

The NFC East could very well be on the line in this game.  And with the Eagles having won the first match-up, Dallas will be fired up and ready for this one.

Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan will be talking all week about how his defense will be ready for Michael Vick and the Eagles’ high-flying offense.  However, what Rob Ryan will forget is that the Cowboys have the ultimate choke artist running his offense.

No matter how well he plays at times and the stats he can put up, Tony Romo is a choker.  He just can’t get it done in big games and this will be no different.

Once the Eagles survive the early blitz and spurt of adrenaline by the Cowboys and their fans, things will settle down and the Eagles will take over.

This will be a come-from-behind victory for the Eagles.  Tony Romo will throw a killer interception in the fourth quarter that seals their fate.


Eagles 27

Cowboys 23

Redskins stink

Week 17: Washington Redskins

Current record: 3-1
Offensive ranking: 15th
Defensive ranking: 6th

By this point, the wheels on the Redskins’ bus will have fallen off.  QB Rex Grossman will have proven that he wasn’t the right choice for head coach Mike Shanahan.

Or, this game could actually have meaning.

I’m expecting the Redskins to collapse at some point because I just don’t think they’re that good.  However, they may keep surprising me and actually be in contention for the division at the end of the season.

Either way, the Redskins are not good enough to stand in the way of Michael Vick and the Eagles at this point.  Philadelphia will have their brooms ready and sweep the Redskins to clinch the NFC East.


Eagles 20

Redskins 16

Well, there you have it.  That’s how the Eagles will end up at 11-5 and make the playoffs.  I know, that’s extremely homeristic of me, right?

That could be the case, but I honestly do think the Eagles stand a chance of getting on a roll.  There are no teams left on their schedule that they can’t beat.

Again, as long as they stop turning the ball over and learn how to tackle on defense, this team is capable of anything.

Yes, this team has looked bad this year so far.  However, they’ve also looked good as well.  That’s about what you should expect for a team that has undergone as many changes as the Eagles have.

As long as the players don’t just simply give up, they have the ability to get this thing turned around.

It all starts this week in Washington.  If they win, I can foresee what I’ve written here come true (well, the basic premise).  If they lose, then you can forget everything you just read.

For now, keep the faith people!  Go Eagles!














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2 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles: Predicting the Rest of Eagles’ 2011 Schedule

  1. Eaglescouch says:

    Until I see this team get it’s act together enough to to win a game, I don’t have any faith in them. I agree, they have the talent to put together a run. Plus, Andy has done it before, but I just am having trouble seeing it this year.

    I really like the pictures, though.

    • I hear ya man. I’m just trying to remain optimistic for as long as I can. There’s a lot of negativity around this team right now, and for good reason. But, we’re only 5 weeks into the season, I refuse to start thinking about next year already! I love football in general, but it’s not quite the same when the Eagles are out of it.

      Once they’re officially eliminated…or if they lose this week…I’ll be resigning myself to next year.

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