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Andy Reid

Hey guys, it's not ALL my fault, whaddaya want from me?

Who deserves more of the blame for the current struggles of the Philadelphia Eagles, Andy Reid or the players?  That is the hot debate currently raging in the City of Brotherly Hate.

As it stands right now, all fingers are pointing at Andy Reid.  And most of them are one finger in particular.

However, does he really deserve all of the blame for the Eagles’ losses this season so far?  Or even most of it?  Don’t the players have a job to do too?

There are various reasons for the Eagles’ four-game losing streak.  When you compile the main reasons for all four losses this season, one could argue that the players are more at fault here.

Was it Andy Reid’s fault that:

– Jeremy Maclin dropped an easy fourth-down pass against Atlanta?
– Jeremey Maclin fumbled the ball in field goal range against San Francisco?
– Alex Henerey missed two easy field goals?
– Jason Avant fumbled/tipped the ball to defender in final minutes against Buffalo?
– The offense has turned the ball over 15 times in five games?
– The defense can’t tackle anybody?
– The team committed costly penalties at critical times?

Those are all player responsibilities and they all played huge roles in all four losses.

The one game this season I would strictly blame Andy Reid for the loss is the New York Giants game in Week 3.  There were two huge coaching gaffes in that game that cost the Eagles a win (the 4th down decision to go for it and the series of play calls at the goal line).

However, if the players were able to limit their mistakes, catch the ball, not fumble, and stinkin tackle somebody, the Eagles could be sitting at 4-1 right now.

And nobody would be calling for Reid’s head.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why everyone is ready for a change at the head coaching position.  Andy Reid is ultimately the man responsible for the team on the field.

He is the one who put these players in those positions.  He is the one who chose Juan Castillo.  He is the one who can’t manage a game in his 13th season as a head coach.

Andy Reid is the one who chose to make all of these significant changes to a team that just won its division and almost beat the eventual Super Bowl champions in a playoff game.

However, if the players were doing their jobs a little better and stop making costly mistakes, we’d be talking about the Super Bowl right now instead of who should be their next head coach.






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