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Michael Vick has been playing decent football so far this year but the Philadelphia Eagles continue to lose.  How bad would things be if and when he misses substantial time due to injury?

Vick is coming off of a career-best performance against the San Francisco 49ers when he completed 30 out of 46 passes for 416 yards and two TDs.  He also rushed for another 75 yards on eight carries.

So far this season, Vick’s numbers look okay.  He’s currently ranked as the No. 14 QB in the NFL after throwing for a total of 1,021 yards and six TDs.  He’s completed 61.2 percent of his passes and has a QB rating of 91.9.

He’s not devoid of any blame for the Eagles’ woes though.  He’s played good enough to win all four games but has contributed to the losses with consistent turnovers.

Through four games so far, Vick has turned the ball over a total of six times on three fumbles and three INTs.  He’s lucky it hasn’t been more because he’s actually fumbled the ball a total of seven times this year.

Ball security is definitely a concern with Michael Vick and he needs to get better.

However, Vick is not the real problem here.  Unfortunately, trying to figure out the real problem is like trying to figure out what caused more damage to your house after it was hit by a hurricane, tornado and earthquake at the same time.

There’s just too many things going wrong so far.  The offensive line, Andy Reid, the entire defense, Andy Reid, the special teams, Andy Reid, Juan Castillo and Andy Reid have all played a large role in the losing efforts the Eagles have put forth this year.

Oh, did I mention Andy Reid shares a little blame here?  I wouldn’t have realized that had he not come out and said that he was “part of the problem.”

That might be the understatement of the year.

Anyway, we’re still talking about Michael Vick here.  The Eagles invested heavily in him when they decided to trade away Kevin Kolb and sign him to a $100 million deal.

They’ve added a boat-load of talent in the offseason.  They’ve brought in the best-of-the-best set of coaches (except for defensive coordinator).  They’ve seemingly gone “all in” for this season but it’s just not panning out.

It appears they are wasting a precious year of the 31 year-old Michael Vick’s career.

And just imagine how much worse the Eagles would look right now without him.  Well, they’re 1-3 with him and have at least had a chance to win in each of the last three games.

Without him, they would likely just be getting blown out every week.

Vick has already missed parts of two games due to injury.  And now with left tackle Jason Peters out for a while, his already high risk of injury just got even higher.

The Eagles are in a mess right now but still have the No. 4 ranked offense in the NFL.  A lot of that has to do with Vick’s ability to elude rushers and make plays.  Could you imagine this team with Mike Kafka leading the offense full time?

If that were the case, Eagles fans would be yearning to look as good as they do now.  Vince Young is now healthy enough to be the No. 2 QB but he is still an unknown in this offense.

Frankly, it’s baffling how bad the Eagles are playing right now even though Vick is doing his share for the most part.  Are there things he could be doing better?  Sure, but he could be doing worse.

Coming into the season, we all pretty much knew that there was a decent chance that the Eagles could be without Vick at some point due to injury (give or take four games).  I thought this team would be good enough to keep the ship afloat in his absence.

Now?  Fat chance.

If Vick goes down for a substantial amount of time, Eagles fans can start dreaming about Stanford QB Andrew Luck in next April’s draft (if they’re not already).






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2 Responses to Michael Vick Off To Good Start: Just How Bad Is That For Eagles?

  1. Smokes says:

    LOL Dave, did you get your “offensive line, Andy Reid, the entire defense, Andy Reid, the special teams, Andy Reid, Juan Castillo and Andy Reid” comment from my earlier comment about the linebackers? Anyway, what you say is true though, Reid makes the final decisions, so naturally he is to blame for most of, if not all of the team’s problems. Thank goodness for Vick, at least if anything he gives the games some thrilling moments… But as you said we need to get this mess situated so we don’t end up wasting a great year of Vick’s career…

  2. Nice blog. Personally I’m a Steelers fan but like the Eagels too. The season hasn’t started too good for the Eagles but they will pick it up. I actually posted about the Eagles. Check it out. I’m just starting my blog so I need some followers to give me feed back.

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