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Hey everyone, if you’re bored and interested in listening to some sports talk via the Internet, check out an interview I did regarding this week’s Eagles vs. Cowboys game.

Sonny Clark, of The Couch Potato Sports Show, asked me to talk about the upcoming game from an Eagles perspective.  My part is actually pre-recorded but the show is live and you can call in to talk.

The show is based out of Texas so it’s going to be a Cowboys home-base show.  However, even though the host is a featured Dallas writer, he is not biased towards the Cowboys.

I (Dave Stoessel) took part in about a 15 minute Q & A where I gave my thoughts on the game.  I’ll admit, it was the first interview I’ve ever done so I was a little nervous.  I may have rambled a little bit here and there.

I even pronounced Nnamdi Asomugha’s name incorrectly at first (ugh, I have to write it a lot it so I say his name phonetically in my head to be sure I’m spelling it right….but I ended up saying it out loud!).

Anyway, the show begins at 10:00pm EST tonight.  My part should be on around 10:15pm or so.  It’s done via Blog Talk Radio and here’s the direct link…


Maybe you’ll get a laugh or two (at my expense) or maybe you’ll find it interesting.  Check it out!

If you missed it live, there should be a podcast you can download later as well.



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