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Eli Manning Sacked by Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles will absolutely dominate the New York Giants in Week 3 at Lincoln Financial Field.  How can I be so sure?

The only thing the Eagles have to worry about is stopping the Giants running game.  That’s it.  Limit Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs and the Eagles will win easily.

That shouldn’t be too hard either considering the Giants only have the 19th ranked rushing attack in averaging 97 rushing yards per game.

The Giants have been killed by injuries this year.  And now for this week, they will be without WR Mario Manningham due to a concussion he sustained last week.  WR Domenik Hixon was also lost for the season after re-tearing his ACL during last week’s game as well.

Basically, that leaves Hakeem Nicks as their only receiving threat.  Nicks is good, but I feel pretty confident that the Eagles’ secondary will cover him like a blanket.

Eli Manning sacked by Eagles

QB Eli Manning has looked very shaky so far this season.  In two games, he’s thrown for 491 yards with just two TDs and two INTs.  Overall, he’s an erratic QB who is prone to mistakes when he gets rattled.

And that’s just what the Eagles defense will do…rattle him.  Relentlessly.

Eli Manning sacked

Even Jerome McDougle sacked Eli Manning

So far this season the Eagles defensive line has been getting tremendous pressure on the opposing quarterbacks.  They come into this game ranked 2nd in the league with nine sacks.

Plus, the Eagles have pressured, hit, and made life extremely uncomfortable for the three QBs they’ve faced so far (A.J. Feeley came in during the Rams game).  And they’ve done it with mainly their defensive front four.

Eli Manning Sacked by Eagles

The Giants’ offensive line currently ranks 28th in the league and have allowed seven sacks on Eli Manning.  Even without Darryl Tapp and Juqua Parker playing this Sunday, I anticipate the Eagles getting at least five sacks on Manning this week.

As for the Giants’ defense, they are ranked at 19th overall in the league and have allowed an average of 349.5 yards per game.  They also haven’t exactly faced offensive juggernauts in the Rams and Redskins.

Eli Manning Sacked by Eagles

Against the pass, the Giants are even worse.  They enter the game ranked 24th overall in pass defense.

The Giants’ defense has given up an average of 283 yards per game through the air and 12 pass plays of 20 yards or more.

Again, they played the Rams…who have no receivers…and the Redskins, who merely have Santana Moss with Rex Grossman pulling the trigger.

Just imagine what DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin will be able to do.

Eli Manning Sacked by Eagles

Before the season began, I saw the Giants as the main competition for the Eagles to win the NFC East.  Two weeks into the season, they look like the weakest team in the division.

This is the game where we will see Andy Reid’s philosophy come to fruition.  That is, the Eagles should be able to jump out to a big lead and force the Giants to pass.

Trent Cole and Jason Babin will then feast on Eli Manning and make him wish he was hanging out on the sidelines with his brother.

Eli Manning Sacked by Eagles

And while Manning and the Giants offense are getting their rears handed to them, LeSean McCoy will take the game over for the Eagles offense in the second half.

Heck, Michael Vick and the offense might even have some fun and throw a few more deep passes in the second half just because, well, because they can.

As long as the Eagles don’t make crucial mistakes such as turn the ball over and commit too many penalties, especially defensive ones in 3rd-down situations, they will win this game easily.


Eagles 38

Giants 17

Eli Manning

Eli the 4th quarter this Sunday



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6 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles Will Dominate the New York Giants in Week 3

  1. donteatpoop says:

    Great selection of pictures to accompany your article. lol.

  2. JD Tandy says:

    Im gonna get a lot of fantasy points based on this matchup, very excited!

  3. Smokes says:

    So much for the Eagles “dominating”, haha. But seriously, how could the Eagles mess this game up so bad?? I’m sure you’ll write an article about that, but I am seriously concerned about the state of this team…

    • Brutal. That’s the only word to describe yesterday’s game. I said to a few friends of mine that it’s probably not a good thing that I’m so confident about the Eagles winning. Usually when I think I’m 100% sure they’ll win, they lose… LOL… Unless they’re playing a scrub team.

      Going into the game, the Eagles “should” have blown them out. Guess that’s why they play the games huh? Yes, I’m seriously concerned about this team as well.

      But if you do recall…I did “predict” the Eagles would be 0-3 at this point…I’d be right if the Rams were a little better than I thought they’d be. But I also didn’t think it would be under these circumstances. With Vick out now, my hand if right over the panic button and I’m almost ready to punch it!

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