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Per an Adam Schefter tweet today, he states that “the Eagles believe he should be able to play Sunday.”

This somewhat falls in line with an initial report from Jeff McLane the day after the game where someone within the Eagles organization described Vick’s concussion as “slight.”

Then there was another report from ESPN saying that Vick “desperately wants to practice Wednesday.”

All of these signs are pointing to Vick being on the field come Sunday afternoon in their showdown with their division rival New York Giants.

Obviously, this is all just speculation for now.  The Eagles will likely wait until the last possible minute before announcing whether or not Vick will play.

They want to make the Giants have to prepare for two different QBs.  Whether or not that really makes a difference is up for debate but it is a “strategy” nonetheless.

Concussions are a highly scrutinized injury nowadays in the NFL.  It’s still quite possible that Andy Reid will just make Vick sit out for one week even though he passes all the mandatory concussion tests.

However, with all the positive vibes coming out and with this being a big game, I think we’ll see Vick on the field.

Plus, before they even diagnosed a concussion, his injury was believed to be with his neck.

So it’s likely that the concussion was truly minor and that he was just dazed for a few minutes because of the way his neck was snapped back (almost like a whiplash-type deal).  He actually wanted to return to the game on Sunday night.

I’m all for player safety so it won’t bother me if Vick sits one out.  But, I’m hoping he’ll play because the Eagles almost have to beat the Giants this Sunday.

Even though the Giants haven’t been impressive thus far, something tells me they’ll be ready for the Eagles.  Hopefully Vick is ready for them.


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