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Andy Reid Time's Yours

For Andy Reid, the time is now his.  The 2011 Philadelphia Eagles have loaded up on talent and are ready to make a strong surge for the Super Bowl.

Never before during his previous 12 seasons as head coach of the Eagles has the team acquired so many high-profile free agents and coaches.  We all know the list of newcomers so there’s no need to re-hash them here.

Without a doubt, the moves made by the Eagles this year are a clear sign that they’ve strayed from past philosophies and are throwing caution to the wind.

They’re “going for it” this season.

Andy Reid loves the phrase “time’s yours”, which is his cue for reporters to start asking questions during his post-game press conferences.  Well, now we can turn the tables a little bit because now Reid is on the clock.

Beginning Sunday at 1:00pm EST, the time is Andy Reid’s.

I’m not saying it’s do or die for Reid this season because no matter what, he’ll still be the head coach next year.  But make no mistake, the hour glass on Reid’s time-table to win a Super Bowl will begin gushing sand when they kick-off the Rams game.

I think he has a two-year window to bring a championship to Philadelphia before the last grain of sand drops to the bottom of that hour glass.

Reid has enjoyed a much-longer than average reign as a head coach for one team.  He has a great relationship with Jeff Lurie, Joe Banner and presumably Howie Roseman.

Not only that, but Reid has also brought an era of consistent winning to Philadelphia.  Because of these reasons, he has been able to maintain his status without much fear for his job.

However, it’s just a matter of time before Reid’s bosses feel they need to make a change.  In the NFL, change is the rule, not the exception.

As good of a coach Reid is, only a Super Bowl championship this year or next year will buy him a “stay in Philly as long as you want” pass.  The NFL is a business and the ultimate goal is to win a Super Bowl.

When the man in charge of everything football-related can’t meet the ultimate objective, it’s the owner’s job to try and find someone who can.

Since the end of the 2009 season when the Eagles lost back-to-back games against Dallas, including a playoff loss, there has been almost a complete overhaul of the team.  As Joe Banner stated at the time: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Well, if they don’t get the job done within these next two years, the only thing left to change is at the head coaching position.

By acquiring all of the talent they have this year, the Eagles’ brass is giving Reid everything they possibly can so that he can be successful.  They not only want to win a Super Bowl, they want Reid to be the coach who does it.

And if he doesn’t pull through, they will be able to rationalize to themselves that hey, we did everything we could to give Andy the tools to win a championship.  Maybe we just need a fresh outlook and direction.

If the Eagles don’t win it all this year, it will be do-or-die for Andy Reid next season.  However, he could find a small loophole by just getting to the Super Bowl but not actually winning it.

I wonder how things will shake out if that ends up being the case.





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2 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles 2011: Hey Andy Reid, Time’s Yours!

  1. Jim Nic says:

    Hey Dave, You nailed it bro… Andy Reid and the Eagles FO are definitely wired for the ‘big one’ this year, it’s Super Bowl or Bust! But I too saw them unlocking the back door (just in case they need to escape for another year). After all, this was a truncated summer camp/pre-season and what better excuse, I mean, reason can you have than that?!

    I still think the main problem is: Andy Reid quickly eats ice cream (in stealth-mode) during the playoffs… he always seems to suffer from ‘brain freeze’ during those games… ya ever notice?

    • Yep, the lockout is a built in excuse for lack of time to put it all together before the season. That’s another reason why I think it’s a two year window.

      You’re right about the brain freeze! Reid needs to be able to manage big games better. That means coming up with a good game plan, calling plays better, using his challenge flags correctly, not wasting time outs, etc etc. When he faces stiff competition, he freezes up a little bit.

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