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Michael Vick left with a concussion

Michael Vick suffered a concussion during the third quarter of Sunday night’s game against the Atlanta Falcons.  How much will this hurt the Eagles for their Week 3 game against the Giants?

Before you allow panic to set in, consider that Eagles beat writer Jeff McLane tweeted last night that “an Eagles source described Vick’s concussion as slight.”

With that said, it will still be dicey as to whether Vick will actually play against New York.  How teams handle concussions has been put under a microscope by the NFL as of late and sometimes it may look bad if a player plays the following week.

There’s about a 50/50 chance he’ll play this week.  If he truly is okay and the Eagles can skirt-around the issue by saying the concussion was “slight”, and if he passes all the mandatory evaluations, he’ll be back on the field.

But if Andy Reid wants to play it safe, the Eagles fans will get to see a full game with either Mike Kafka or Vince Young at the helm.

For now, we’ll just assume that Vick won’t play this week.  Will that cost the Eagles their divisional game against the Giants?

The Eagles should be able to get by for one week without their star QB.  Here are a few reasons why…

No matter who the Eagles plug-in at QB, the offense is still productive.

Donovan McNabb, A.J. Feeley, Koy Detmer, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick have all been productive in the Eagles offense.

Koy Detmer

If good ole "neck beard" can prosper in this offense, so can Kafka and Young

It has to be the system.  The only one of those QBs who has had success elsewhere is Michael Vick.  But he didn’t have the kind of success in Atlanta that he’s having in Philadelphia.

The jury is still out on Kolb in Arizona but Feeley and McNabb have struggled outside of Philly.  And nobody could tell me that Detmer would have succeeded elsewhere had he left.

Andy Reid’s offensive system makes QBs look good.  Even Kafka looked remarkably proficient against the Falcons after coming in off the bench.

Consider this: Kafka completed 7 out of 9 passes for 72 yards.  Down by four and with just under five minutes to play, he drove the Eagles down into scoring range.

His first incompletion was on fourth down deep in Atlanta territory.  However, it should have been caught for a first down by Jeremy Maclin.  Kafka put it right in the bread-basket but Maclin just dropped it.

Had he caught it, we could be talking about how Kafka led the game winning touchdown drive today.

Whether it’s Vince Young or Mike Kafka out there against the Giants, the Eagles offense will still move the ball and score enough points to win the game.

The Eagles still have other play-makers on offense.

DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy, Brent Celek, Jason Avant and even Steve Smith will step-up their game to help whichever QB is out there.

Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg have a knack for calling a better game when their backup QB is in there.  They typically rely a little more on the run-game and call for quick-release passes.

He’ll actually put these players in better positions to make plays by running a more balanced offense and not hanging their QB out to dry.

Good receivers and a competent running game are a quarterback’s best friend.  These players will help take the stress off of Kafka or Young.

So expect to see more running by McCoy, more bubble-screens to wide receivers, more traditional screen passes (to McCoy) and more of an intermediate passing game.

The Giants did not look good in Week 1.

The Giants defense has been ravaged by injuries.

So far they’ve lost starting CB Terrell Thomas, starting MLB Jonathan Goff, and DT Marvin Austin for the season.  They’ll also be without first-round draft pick CB Prince Amukamara and possibly DE Osi Umenyiora for this week’s game.

This unit made Redskins QB Rex Grossman look like an all-pro last week.  If he can pick them apart, I think Mike Kafka or Vince Young can have some success.

Eli Manning

She-li can expect more of this against the Eagles

Eli Manning looked shaky the entire preseason and also against Washington in completing only 18 out of 32 passes for 268 yards, zero TDs and one interception.  He was also sacked four times.

Running backs Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs only combined for 73 yards rushing.

We’ll have a better idea about this team after their Monday night game against St. Louis but even still, they’re playing a weak Rams teams.  If they win, they may gain some false confidence but if they lose, they could easily go into a season-long funk.

The Eagles defense will take control.

Against Atlanta, the Eagles defense looked downright dominating at times and helpless at others.  They’re still coming together as a unit but showed signs of just how good they can be.

They’ll be looking to rebound after allowing five TDs against the Falcons.  They’ll also know that they will need to step it up big-time this week if their offense is without Michael Vick.

The Eagles defense has forced three turnovers in two games so far.  They’ll match that total against the Giants and help the offense by giving them a short field to work with.

The cornerback trio of Asante Samuel, Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie held the Falcons wide receivers to just seven catches for 71 yards and one TD.  Expect them to do the same or better against the Giants’ receivers.

Falcons tightend Tony Gonzalez is the player who hurt the Eagles defense the most in Week 2.  However, he is an all-time great player and the Giants no longer have Kevin Boss.

Unless they make new tightend Jake Ballard look like Antonio Gates, the Eagles defense will hold the fort down against the Giants.

So don’t panic just yet Eagles fans, Michael Vick’s injury isn’t the end of the world.  They will get past the Giants without him if needed.

And that’s all we’re talking about right now, just one game without Vick…if that.








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