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Michael Vick and Andy Reid

If it wasn’t bad enough that Vince Young painted a target on the collective backs of the Eagles with the whole “Dream Team” quote, now Michael Vick and Andy Reid have enlarged the bullseye.

Michael Vick’s new contract apparently makes him not only the $100 million man, but also the Six Million Dollar Man.  His bionic legs and arm must must be why he feels like Vince Papale’s Invincible too.

Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports quoted Vick as providing this nice little nugget for all opposing defensive coordinators this year:

“You can’t design a defense to stop me, especially not on this team.”

Confidence is great but you simply shouldn’t be saying things like this.  Even though that wasn’t the entire quote, that will be the sentence that gets plastered on locker room walls.

The rest of the quote goes like this:

“We have so many weapons, and some teams have tried to make that their primary focus. That’s when we run up the score.”

In essence, after Vick heaps praise upon himself he then touts the rest of the offensive skill players.  Heck, maybe defenses will hang that entire quote on their locker room wall!

Vick can be electric on the field but to say nobody can stop him is taking what could be perceived as “confidence”, to possible arrogance and bordering on downright delusional.

One way to stop Michael Vick?  Start two rookies on the offensive line.  If defenses can’t stop him, Andy Reid will.

Another way is to blitz; and blitz often.  Until he shows he can consistently beat it…or that the offensive line can consistently block it…that is the way to limit Vick’s effectiveness if not stop him.

Yeah, he made some plays against the blitz last season but both he and Andy Reid admitted to that being a weak part of his game.

Speaking of Reid, here was his little addition to help incite opposing defenses:

“Now he’s got it,” Reid insisted. “People can say there’s a way to stop Michael Vick, but this is a team sport. You’ve got this beautiful mind of Marty’s and you’ve got to deal with what he’s gonna throw at you, and there are all these other players you have to defend. You can say you’re gonna stop Michael Vick, but you’ve got to stop the whole group.”

Fortunately, opponents might not make it past the part where he says Marty Mornhinweg has a beautiful mind.  Even I, a die-hard Eagles fan, actually cracked up at that comment.  I’d love to see Detroit fans’ reaction to that one.

Marty Mornhinweg

Detroit Lions fan during the Mornhinweg era

Don’t get me wrong, I think Mornhinweg is a good offensive coordinator, but a “beautiful mind” is a little overboard.

Some people might feel these quotes aren’t a big deal but I beg to differ.  Every opponent the Eagles face this year will be thinking of these things when they play.  It adds an extra layer of motivation to their game.

You could argue that if they “walk the walk” they won’t have to worry about talking the talk.  But why give teams more incentive to want to pound you into the dirt?

And why say things like this when neither Vick or Reid have ever won a championship?  Last time we saw them in a game that mattered, Reid was abandoning the run-game as usual and Vick was throwing an interception to cement the loss.

In all honesty, they probably said these things with the intent not on being arrogant, but rather they are bubbling over with excitement for this season.

They expect great things this year, and they should with all of the apparent talent they now have.

But with all of the negative attention the “Dream Team” comment has garnered, why add any more fuel to the fire?

Keep these comments out of the media and within the walls of the Nova Care Center.

One thing is for sure, expectations of this team are now getting to the point where anything short of a Super Bowl appearance will be considered a bust.

The pressure is on; will this team rise above it or collapse under it?

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