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If you’re looking for good discounts on food, merchandise and game tickets that revolve around the sport you love, check out Eagles Addict Game Day Deals.

Here you’ll find special offers from national (and eventually local) restaurants, places where you can buy NFL gear, and even tickets to the games.

Maybe you and some friends are sitting around watching football on Sunday and all of a sudden have the urge to, you know…eat.  Maybe there will be a deal here that sounds appetizing and is a good bang for your  hard-earned buck!

You never know, right?

You can access the page by clicking the tab on the top of your screen or just click right here.

This is a new feature so it’s still in it’s baby stages.  What I mean is, right now you’ll see one deal available.  But going forward, there will be multiple deals to choose from.

Eventually you will also see deals that are local to where you live.  So, if you’re a fan that lives in California, you will see special deals from nearby businesses.

These deals are only active for a limited amount of time so check back frequently to see if any new deals have been posted.

You can also sign up to receive these special discounts via email.  Also, the more people who sign up, the more deals there will be to choose from.

So if you’re here perusing one of my award-winning articles (okay, a little too much on that one?), take a minute to check it out and perhaps even sign up.

It could be worth your while!




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