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Howard Eskin reported on Twitter that he’s been told that Ryan Harris has a “serious back problem” and that it is a herniated disc that will likely need surgery next week.

If that’s the case, it will likely mean he’ll be out for quite a while if not the entire season.  It will also be a major disappointment as many saw Harris as the best option at right tackle.

So in essence, Dunlap is King at the RT position for now but will Justice ever be served?

Note to Michael Vick: Better sign that extension right now because you’re going to be running for your life this year!


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5 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles RT Ryan Harris Done For the Year?

  1. Smokes says:

    After reading this I checked the official website of the Philadelphia Eagles which will usually have stuff like this posted and there is nothing of the sort… Not calling you a liar or anything Dave just saying that the report is false and maybe Harris’ injury isn’t so serious that he will be out for the year…

    By the way, do you have any kind of live chat during games where people can talk to you and you talk back to them about the game/team? If not I guess I’ll be the first to suggest it 😀

    • Smokes says:

      Oops, meant to say that the report MAY be false; I’m not ruling anything out.

    • Yo Smokes, you calling me a liar man? What the…? LOL, just kidding :)~

      The Eagles site is almost always the last to report something because they can’t do so until the team “officially” announces it. There are numerous reports now stating that Harris has a herniated disc that will “likely” require surgery. As far as being done for the year, that was my personal speculation on the matter. As we found out with Shawn Andrews, when these big guys get back problems it can be tough getting back on the field for a while. Of course, Andrews was a little on the nutty side though too, lol.

      But Harris has a history of back problems too. He had surgery back in 2006 for a herniated disc and then had another procedure done to alleviate pinched nerves in his spinal column. Back problems are tough for big guys.

      What’s probably going on right now is that they found out Harris has a disc problem and they’re trying to figure out the best way to go about handling it. Surgery isn’t the only option but it would probably be the one that will speed up the process of returning to play…even though it probably won’t be until next year. Harris himself is probably mulling over other alternatives to surgery, such as chiropractic treatment, and trying to decide if he can get his back to a point where he can play…even if he still has to deal with some pain. Then he’d probably get surgery in the offseason.

      Either way, it sucks. We’re left with Dunlap and an injured Justice.

      I’ve thought about that live chat during games. Maybe if I get enough requests for it I’ll give it a shot. 🙂

      • Smokes says:

        Didn’t think about the team needing to officially announce it for it to be up on the web site…Crap…
        Well on the bright side I don’t think Dunlap has played THAT bad in the time he’s had; of course, we haven’t played against teams that have stud D-Linemen. But when Justice comes back (hopefully soon) I’m thinking Mudd will help him out with his techniques…

        Haha, maybe I’ll sign in with different names and request the chat 😛

        • Well it looks like they’ve made some moves along the OL. Herremans is now the RT and Evan Mathis is the LG. Looks like Kelce is still the center too. I like Herremans at RT but now we have to be concerned about overall cohesiveness as well as having 2 rookies starting next to each other.

          If you did that it would still just be me and you chatting during the game most likely! LOL

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