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Mike Patterson

The news just came out this morning that Eagles DT Mike Patterson has a brain condition called AVM, Arteriovenous Malformation, which is an abnormal tangling of blood vessels.  The condition ultimately needs to be treated via brain surgery or radiation.

This obviously comes as quite a shock to everyone.  Let me say that my thoughts and prayers are with Patterson and his family.

Right now I’m sure that Patterson and the Eagles are going over all options regarding treatment.  According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, AVM can be managed with medication to alleviate symptoms.

They also say that the main concern with AVM is a brain hemorrhage.  A potential bleed in the brain is extremely serious so this leads me to believe that Patterson should opt to have this surgery immediately, but that’s just my opinion.

At this point it is unknown what treatment he will undergo and/or how long the recovery time would be.

So, what this means for the Eagles in terms of football reasons is that now they appear to be a little thin.  In a recent article, I graded the Eagles’ moves so far in free agency and expressed that I didn’t think trading Bunkley was a good move.

Now that trade looks even worse.

Then we add on Trevor Laws’ hip flexor and Antonio Dixon’s knee sprain and now we’re down to an undrafted rookies Cedric Thornton and Charlie Noonan running with the first team.  4:00pm can’t get here fast enough so that Cullen Jenkins can jump in.

We did just pick up a pair of DTs in Anthony Hargrove and Derek Landri.  These guys have good starting experience and have been somewhat productive in recent seasons but both are better suited in back up roles.

If Patterson ends up being out for an extended period of time, or all season, then we will have two new starting DTs this year.  More than likely it would be Cullen Jenkins and Trevor Laws.  Antonio Dixon is still in the mix and could end up starting along side of Jenkins as well.

However, Jenkins himself has a history with injuries so if he goes down the Eagles could end up really struggling on the interior of the defensive line.

In any case, the Eagles have to be concerned now about this position.  But don’t expect another major move for a DT at this point.  If Patterson’s condition causes him to miss this season, I could see us picking up another DT once other teams start paring down their roster.

But for right now, the aspect of worrying about what the Eagles will do at DT pales in comparison about the worry for Mike Patterson. His health is by far the most important thing here.

I truly believe he will be okay but you can never take anything for granted.



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6 Responses to Mike Patterson’s Brain Condition and Brodrick Bunkley Trade Leave Eagles Thin at DT

  1. Smokes says:

    I didn’t quite get the Bunkley trade either, Dave. I mean, sure, he wasn’t doing as well as he could have been, but nevertheless he was a solid starter and a big rock on the DL. And we gave him away for next to nothing, too. But, sadly, that’s all water under the bridge now, hopefully the new guys will show us something, and my thoughts and prayers go out to Mike “Stand-Pat” Patterson; hope he’ll be able to play again, as he’s another solid starter…

    Think we can trade to get Bunkley back LOL? 😉

    • Lol @ the Bunk trade, I thought the same thing as I was writing! Yeah, the trade surprised me but can’t do anything about it now. I hope Jenkins doesn’t get injured and Patterson gets thru this ok.

      And yeah, the Eagles have made the moves to make a push but you can’t discount “team chemistry”…and lack thereof. I’ll be writing a piece soon talking about that aspect. Lions fan huh? Lol, I’m actually wondering how good they’ll be this year. They have some players now.

  2. Smokes says:

    And regarding the poll, if the Eagles HAVEN’T made enough moves to even GET to the Super Bowl, I just may consider becoming a Lion’s fan 😀

  3. urbnasty says:

    The Eagles have to be worried. If I am Patterson football is over. He’s got brain trouble and when you are lineman hitting heads all the time, well that doesnt make sense. One hit to the head in the right place and you got a brain hemorrhage. Eagles need to be looking to pick up a quality proven lineman in a trade or the Dfence is screwed.

    • Yesterday I would have agreed with you. But amazingly word just came out from Patterson’s agent saying that he is expected to be cleared to resume practice within the next couple days. I’m still waiting on more official word and explanation though.

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