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Ray of Light

All I can say is…Halle-Friggin-Lujah!  A report just came out from who I deem to be the most reliable source for all things Lockout related, Albert Breer, that states the final CBA document will be ready by noon today.

To quote Phil Collins: I can feel it coming in the air tonight!

All 32 team representatives will be on a conference call at that time and take a vote for ratification….which is expected to pass without issue.  Here is what Breer just tweeted this morning:

According to numerous sources, teams for players and owners negotiated until 3 AM ET on Monday, agreeing to basic terms at that point.
However, the deal is not 100 percent done. There are still small points in the language that need finishing, final review, etc.
Expectation is NFLPA’s exec comm will have final doc by noon, & vote. 32 player reps will be on a conf call, waiting to vote after that.
The timeline I have … 10 clubs open camp on Wednesday, 10 more on Thursday, 10 more on Friday, and remaining two on Sunday.
Also, according to one plan at least, teams can sign rookies, UDFA tomorrow. Clubs can talk to FAs too, but not sign them until Fri at 6 pm.

There are a few other reliable sources that are saying the NFLPA will be ratifying the new CBA today as well but Breer is the guy I pay attention to the most.

Finally, after 137 days of football purgatory we will actually start having some real action this week.  It’s been a long offseason to put it mildly.

If Breer’s timeline is correct, we will probably know later today which day the Eagles will be opening camp.  Hopefully they’re not one the two slated for Sunday.  I want our guys in camp ASAP.

It also makes for a wild Friday night if free agency begins at 6pm.  Kevin Kolb might be traded and a player or two signed before you finish your first beer!  Just don’t choke on your steak when you hear what he’s been traded for.

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