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Brett Favre

There seems to be a growing notion around Philadelphia that Brett Favre would make for a good back-up to Michael Vick in 2011.  This, of course, would be only if the Eagles trade Kevin Kolb as expected once the lockout is over.

Garry Cobb of wrote an article today speculating on the possibility.  He apparently got the idea after hearing a few radio personalities discuss the idea on 610 WIP.  I’ve also heard a few Eagles fans around the Bleacher Report community talk about it as well.

Brett Favre to Philly as Vick’s back-up?  Seriously?  Brett Fah-ver-ah?  Hey, I have his rookie year leather helmet, maybe he can sign it.

But in all seriousness, I understand why this idea might be growing on some folks.  Andy Reid was his QB coach in Green Bay for a few years and he knows the west coast offense like no other (he and Bill Walsh chiseled diagrams on their cave wall). 

Once Kolb is gone, the Eagles will be in need of a veteran back-up for a year while Mike Kafka gets more time to develop into a decent #2 option.  Adding Favre does make sense in this regard.

If he is, in fact, itching to return for yet another season of football, I’m sure he will only be considered for a back-up position on any team.  With his age and banged-up body, that would be all he can handle.

His injuries from last year are believed to be healed, although that is more of an assumption on my part.  The past two years he has dealt with ankle and shoulder injuries as well as suffering a concussion towards the end of last season.

Gil Brandt, a former executive with Dallas, recently speculated that he thinks Favre would be interested in returning for another year.  Favre himself has not stated any such thing.  As a matter of fact, there is another article last month on that quotes him answering the question if he would want to play again and here is what he said:

“I don’t want to put my body through that anymore,” he said. “I’ve been beat up enough.” 
Of course, it’s Brett Favre we’re talking about here.  Given his history, would you believe him?  I give it a 50/50 shot that he stays retired (and he did file his retirement papers to the NFL by the way).
Last year Favre struggled and looked every bit of his 41 years of life, 20 of which he has spent being pounded by NFL defenders.  He looked downright sad at times.
I’m hoping that Brett just decides to stay home.  However, if he decides he wants to give it another whirl as a back-up, that puts a slightly different spin on it.  Looking at him as a #2 rather than as a starter is a little easier to swallow. 
He could be great as a guy that could come off the bench and play well for a few games and keep the offense chugging along.  If he ended up having to play for an extended period of time, it could get ugly though. 
But as Vick’s back-up, I’d be willing to take a one-year flier on him even if it meant having another circus in town.  Just make sure he doesn’t get your cell phone number, you don’t want to get Jen Sterger-ized.

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