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So much for all those “hot rumors” about Reggie Bush and Albert Haynesworth being Eagles targets.  Bush is about to be traded to the Miami Dolphins (terms unknown yet) and Haynesworth has been dealt to the New England Patriots (for a 2013 5th round pick).

Bush going to the Dolphins is not a surprise since both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are free agents.  Plus, Bush will see more carries with a team like Miami as compared to the Eagles.

However, Haynesworth to New England is a surprise.  His main reason for tanking it and putting up all that fuss in Washington was because they switched to a 3-4 defense.  What does New England play?  You guessed it, a 3-4 defense.

One would think that before commencing this trade, Haynesworth would have “gave his blessing” and agreed to play for the Patriots.  Otherwise, why would the Pats trade for him?

But if Haynesworth wasn’t consulted on this trade, things may not be over yet.  If he’s asked to play nose tackle in their 3-4 scheme, he could basically react just like he did in Washington and be disinterested and lazy.

If so, he could end up released or traded again…and the Eagles and Pats have a good relationship for trades.

Alas, the Redskins accomplished their goal and kept him away from Jim Washburn and Philly.  But for those who were hoping to land Haynesworth, this situation is worth keeping an eye on.



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  2. Smokes says:

    Apparently though, we got Babin from Tenessee, which is just as good if not better then Fat Albert ( of whom I’ve never been a huge fan). Although Bush would’ve been a nice upgrade, he wants to be a full time back, and we’ve already got Shady.
    Dave, is there anyone you’ve got your mind on that you’d like the Eagles to sign (besides trading for DRC)?

    • My ideal free agency was to land Haynesworth, a DE (Babin, Edwards, Gholston, or Kiwinuka), a CB, re-sign Bradley, and get Bush. I thought those were the moves that would put us in an excellent position. I was convinced that Fat Al would be motivated and produce under Washburn and the Eagles….and apparently so were the Redskins since they wanted to keep him away from us. Bush, even though we have Shady, would have added yet another explosive threat to the offense. We would be almost unstoppable!

      I would have loved to have gotten Poz at LB but so much for that. Tulloch would be nice. Marion Barber (once cut) would be a good addition too.

    • Oh yeah, and Darren Sproles would be a good addition as well…and the Eagles are rumored (by Adam Caplan) to be interested. He is a viable replacement for the Bush addition I had hoped for.

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