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Possibly getting lost in the whirlwind of excitement over the past few days are two significant moves the Eagles have not gotten done yet: Extending DeSean Jackson and signing first round pick Danny Watkins.

These two moves are just as important as the signings of Nnamdi Asomugha, Jason Babin, and Cullen Jenkins.

DeSean Jackson

Jackson needs to be at camp with his bank account satisfied.  We all know what he brings to the offense in terms of his explosive play-making skills.  Figuring out his worth could be a tricky endeavor for the Eagles’ front office though.

I wrote a piece a while back analyzing Jackson’s value, you can view it here

What might complicate matters is the contract that Santonio Holmes just signed with the Jets.  His deal is for five years, $50 million with $24 million guaranteed.

Holmes’ 52 catches for 746 and six TDs last season were not as good as Jackson’s 47 catches for 1,056 yards and six TDs.  That’s also not to mention Jackson’s punt return prowess.

Jackson is clearly the more explosive player so he will certainly be looking at Holmes’ deal as a starting point in negotiations.  Will the Eagles feel he is valued as such? 

Since it appears the Eagles are going all in this year, they need to make Jackson happy.  They cannot afford to have a star player of his caliber be distracted and/or be a distraction to the team.

If you didn’t realize it, there is a new rule under the new CBA where players that hold out and don’t report to camp by August 9th will lose a year of accrued service.  So in essence, if he doesn’t show up by then, he’ll be in the same exact boat next year if he doesn’t get a new deal.

So expect Jackson at camp at least by then.  Let’s just hope he’s a happy little guy.

Danny Watkins

As for Danny Watkins, I can’t fathom what the hold up is with his contract.  The new CBA rules with the rookie wage scale should make things much easier to negotiate and agree.

Many first rounders have already signed, including the #20 and #25 pick.  Watkins, at pick #23, is right in the middle of those two.  What gives?  Is he waiting to see what picks 22 and 24 get?  If so, that sounds ridiculous.

Details of what could be holding up a deal aren’t clear although Adam Caplan tweeted that he heard it could have something to do with the number of guaranteed years (three vs. four). 

The Eagles have stated they have offered Watkins a four year deal that is in line with other draft picks around him (presumably picks 20 and 25). 

Again, with the Eagles going all in this year and Watkins being slated as the starting right guard, he needs all the practice time he can get.  He’s already at a disadvantage due to the Lockout.

He is the main upgrade to a porous offensive line so we need to have him be the best he can possibly be.  And that means getting into camp now.

I just hope that these two issues don’t drag on too long in what is already a historic offseason for the Eagles.




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12 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles: 2 Moves That Still Need To Get Done

  1. ross says:

    Like any eagles fan, im ecstatic about the moves theyve made this off season, but what really concerns me is the linebackers. Everyones writing us on as the “team to beat” and are guaranteeing us the superbowl trophy, but who the hell are our linebackers? Jamar Chaney, Moise Fokou and who the hell plays weak, keenan clayton, akeem jordan? doesnt exactly ring confidence to be anchored by two 7th round picks and potentially a former undrafted player.

    • I hear ya. Andy Reid has never put a priority on LBs. That position is in constant turnover every year. Right now in camp, Casey Mathews is playing MLB and Chaney at SAM. I think they want Clayton at WILL.

      I’d be somewhat surprised if it stayed that way though but with Reid you never know.

  2. I think that if the Birds keep Asante, they will play 4-2-5 on most downs, with three corners on the field. That should help address the LB play somewhat.

    • Good point Mike. They’ll play variations other than the base 4-3-4 probably around 60% of the time due to how much passing most teams do anymore. I really hope we just keep Asante…as long as he, Nnamdi, and DRC all can be cool with it. At least for this season anyway.

  3. biggdogg says:

    We need linebacker

    • Absolutely we do. But unfortunately there aren’t any left in free agency that would be a difference maker. Our only hope is to trade for one. We’ll see what happens with Asante Samuel…maybe he’ll net us the LB we need.

  4. gerald hunsinger says:

    we also need a right tackle unless we move herremans there
    winston j or king dunlap are not the answer there.

    • 100% agreed. Austin Howard was getting reps in camp now because Dunlap looks bad. Not sure if there is anyone out there available. Hopefully Justice gets back to playing at his 2009 level bit I’m not overly confident in that.

  5. gerald hunsinger says:

    i believe kirk morrison may be an upgrade from what we have now.

  6. Dave says:

    If they don’t upgrade RT then all bets are off, neither Justice,Dunlap or Mcglynn aren’t the answer. Guy’s like Mark Tausher (green bay) Leonard Davis (cowboys) players this caliber then I’d say their superbowl contenders.

    • I hope they can find an upgrade but the pickings are slim. Tauscher doesn’t even know if he wants to play football anymore and Davis is too big and fat to play for Mudd. Nick Kaczur and Alex Barron are the only FAs still available that might be worth a look but they have their questions too. Only way may be via trade.

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