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Kevin Kolb

The much anticipated Kevin Kolb trade has turned into a staring contest between the Eagles and Cardinals.  Who is going to blink first?

The latest rumor…and that’s exactly what it is, a rumor…came from Arizona Sportscaster Tim Ring when he tweeted that the Eagles want Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a first round pick for Kolb.

Apparently Arizona is only offering DRC and a second rounder.  The nerve of them!

That’s actually better than I thought they’d get for him.  I was thinking DRC and a third rounder would be a fair deal.  If in fact that deal is on the table, the Eagles would be fools not to take it.

Something is a little fishy about that report though.  Why wouldn’t the Eagles pull the trigger on DRC and a second?  Is there a part of them that doesn’t want to trade Kolb?

I know it’s still early in the “legal” time frame where player trades and discussions are allowed but I also wasn’t born yesterday.  You can’t tell me that there haven’t been discussions on the down low about a Kolb deal during the Lockout.

Andy Reid must be extremely serious about getting exceptional value for Kevin Kolb.  He’s correct for two reasons:

For one, if Kolb goes on to be a great player and the Eagles received mediocre compensation, Reid and Howie Roseman will look like idiots.

For two, Reid realizes that Michael Vick is injury prone and Kolb has proven he can take over and keep the train rolling.  He will lose that security net once Kolb is gone. I’m sure he’d really prefer to have that security in a season where they plan on making a serious Super Bowl run.

These are valid concerns that Reid may have and could be why a trade has not yet happened.

On the flip side, Reid is also a coach that tries to do right by his players when he can.  I’m sure he wants Kolb to get his real chance at being a starter and has more than likely told him that he’ll do the best he can to arrange that.

But, he ultimately needs to do what’s best for the organization.  I’m sure Reid could sleep better at night if he went back to Kolb and told him that the reason they can’t trade him is because they couldn’t get the value they believe he’s worth.

Either way, the Eagles need to make a decision very soon.  Other players and teams are making moves that are slowly but surely impacting this potential trade.

Ike Taylor has re-signed with the Steelers, Nnamdi Asomugha looks like he could be a Jet, and Matt Hasselbeck is now with the Titans.  These moves all have an impact to this deal.

The best thing that can happen for the Eagles (if they want to trade Kolb) is that Kyle Orton goes to Miami or somewhere else nowhere near Arizona.  He’s the main “threat” left for the Kolb trade.

There is always Marc Bulger and Vince Young but would anyone really want them over Kolb?  Not if they want to contend for a title they wouldn’t.

The Eagles could be waiting to see where Orton goes.  Once that happens, I expect the talks with Arizona to come down to the wire.  And at that point, it’s time to make their decision; trade him or not, aka…Defecate or get off the pot!

In the end, the Eagles truly have the leverage here.  The worst case scenario is that they just keep Kolb and therefore have a reliable backup for the injury prone Vick.

But I don’t think anyone would dispute that DRC and second round pick is good value.  Not exceptional value, but acceptable value indeed.





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6 Responses to Kevin Kolb Trade Update: Time to Defecate or Get Off the Pot

  1. Fran says:

    How about you can get a rogers-comartie jersey on the eagles site

  2. Evolution says:

    Haha, told yall! Eagles just asking 4 way 2 much. Wont happen, other,wise it would have already…. Kyle Orton is on his way 2 AZ!

    • Ha ha back at ya! Shortly after I wrote this a report came out that there was progress on the trade to AZ. Orton is going to Miami! Kolb to AZ it is!

  3. Smokes says:

    Dave! No I didn’t evaporate into the extreme heat, I’m still here! Just been busy. Haha, but seriously, how’s it goin’? Nice article, by the way, but am I the only one who is still hoping for the Peterson for Kolb deal to happen? I do admit that DRC is a great cornerback but still….

    • Holy smokes, it’s Smokes! Lol. Good to see ya back man. I hear ya on the busy front, me too. Getting excited for football finally though!

      I’m sure you aren’t the only one who hopes for that but all the buzz and rumors are about DRC. They even had his jersey on their website briefly today, as Fran said above…crazy!

      Peterson would be awesome though but we’ll have to be content with DRC…which still is good as long as we get a good pick along with him. But I’d throw in a 2nd with Kolb for Peterson!

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