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The news of the much anticipated Kevin Kolb-for-Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (DRC) trade has spread faster than a California wildfire across the Internet and Twitter.

As I’m sure you’ve probably heard by now, the Eagles have traded Kolb to the Cardinals for DRC and a second round draft pick.  The sources of this news are various but here is an ESPN article with the information.

This trade has been speculated on for months now and has finally come to fruition.  Most Eagles fans are happy with the trade and while I can’t speak for all Cardinals fans, I believe they have mixed emotions about it.

I believe the Eagles received a little better than fair compensation.  Cardinals fans think they gave up too much.  Cards fans also might point to the Matt Cassel trade in 2009 when he and LB Mike Vrabel were sent to the Chiefs for just a second round pick.

But my response to that would be that for one, the Chiefs had the #34 pick which was a very high first rounder.  The Eagles have no idea where the Cardinals pick will be.  And for two, Matt Schaub…whose situation was much more comparable to Kolb’s…was traded for two second rounders and a swap of first rounders.

Regardless of “who fleeced who” here, this trade greatly benefits both teams.  It was a match made in heaven.  The Eagles sorely needed a cornerback and the Cardinals were desperate for a quarterback.

Now, both have their respective biggest needs filled.

Also, this trade significantly bolsters each team’s chances at winning their respective division.

For the Cardinals, Kevin Kolb is a huge upgrade over Derek Anderson and John Skelton; both of whom were downright brutal last season.  He has the potential to be their starter for the next five – ten years and is capable of leading that team to a championship.

Kolb is also walking into a good situation in that he has one of the best wide receivers in the game in Larry Fitzgerald.  He will also have good running backs in Beanie Wells and Ryan Williams plus a head coach who comes from the run-heavy Steelers organization.

Kolb will benefit greatly from a coach that likes to run the ball, or at least run a balanced attack.

The addition of Kolb should be met with great optimism for Cardinals coaches, players, and fans (the smart ones anyway).  QB is the most important position in football and they just landed the best one available.

In a weak NFC West, Kolb can prove to be the difference between the Cardinals watching the playoffs on T.V. or being a part of the action.

After watching the likes of Ellis Hobbs and Dimitri Patterson struggle immensely last season, the addition of DRC should make Eagles fans sing “Let the Sunshine In” ala Steve Carell in the 40 Year Old Virgin.

DRC made the pro bowl in 2009 after posting 50 tackles, six INTs, and three forced fumbles.  In his three year career he has totaled 136 tackles, 13 INTs, and has returned four for TDs.

He had a down year last year but so did the Cardinals defense and entire team.  He was thrown at quite a bit last year because he routinely covered the opposing team’s best wide receiver.

In Philadelphia, he will have Asante Samuel on the other side and not have to worry about always being the lone wolf of the secondary.  Like Samuel, DRC is a playmaker.  The two together will make for an excellent tandem.

The best part about DRC is that he is young.  At 25 years of age, he is about to hit his prime.  He is really still learning the game and this is about the time when players really hit their stride.  We couldn’t have acquired a player at a better time in his career.

He will likely be fired up and ready to show Philadelphia why we traded for him.  Expect big plays from him this year, i.e., pick-6’s and timely INTs.  And for all you doubters, hopefully he shows some physicality on tackles.

In the NFC East, the Eagles need to contend with wide receivers such as Austin Miles, Dez Bryant, Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham, and Steve Smith.  Even the Redskins added a few veteran receivers this week.

In a nutshell, the Eagles need better coverage people in their secondary if they want to contend for not on the division, but for a championship

Receiving a player such as DRC and a second round pick is a great deal for the Eagles.  At the same time, acquiring a potential franchise QB is certainly a good deal for any team…especially Arizona at the stage they are in.

The deal was meant to happen.  It was the perfect scenario for both teams.  Of course, once the season wears on we’ll all be looking at how both players are performing to see who ultimately made out better on the deal.

That’s just the nature of competition.

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