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The most popular topics for Eagles fans during this torturous lockout have been the debate about which cornerback they should sign and Kevin Kolb trade scenarios.  For some, the two even go hand-in-hand as a Kevin Kolb for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie is certainly a feasible possibility.

Trading Kolb for DRC is something I think the Eagles and Cardinals are considering.  But do the Eagles actually want draft picks or players in return for Kolb?  There was a recent report from ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio that the Eagles want players instead of picks.  Sal Pal also stated back in May that Kolb to Arizona is a “slam dunk“.

So if we assume that the Eagles and Cardinals will be in trade talks for Kolb, obvisouly the two sides will go back and forth on compensation packages.  Trade negotiations are all about having leverage.  The more leverage you have, the better your deal will be and vice-versa.

The Cardinals need a quarterback, the Eagles need a cornerback; sounds like a Kolb for DRC deal is a match made in heaven right?  Well, where things get a little hairy is the perceived value of both players.  Trading Kolb for DRC straight up seems like a better deal for the Cardinals, don’t you think?

Though Kolb is largely unproven, he plays the most important position in football.  If he pans out as hoped, that trade deal would be the steal of the century for Arizona.  So if I’m the Eagles, I want more than just DRC.

The Eagles will want to get maximum value for Kolb, whether that ends up being a player, draft picks, or some combination of the two.  The Cardinals will want to give up the least amount possible in the trade. 

The questions nobody knows the answers to right now are what the Eagles would prefer (DRC, other player, draft picks) and what the Cardinals would rather give up.

This is where leverage comes in.  If the Eagles want DRC and a draft pick, they need to use the possibility of signing Asomugha or Johnathan Joseph as negotiating power to make Arizona up their offer. 

If Asomugha and/or Joseph sign with a team (not with the Eagles) before a trade can be made, the leverage shifts to the Cardinals because they’ll know that DRC would be the best option left on the table.

The difference could end up being whether we trade Kolb for DRC straight up or with a late round draft pick as compared to getting DRC and an early round draft pick. 

Let’s think about this for a minute from the Cardinal’s perspective.  If I’m them, I’d rather give up DRC than a first round draft pick.  Here’s why: Ike Taylor, the Pittsburgh Steelers free agent cornerback. 

Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt hired Steelers defensive backs coach Ray Horton to be their new defensive coordinator.  Ike Taylor will be available and is already familiar with Horton.  If I’m them, I’d trade DRC for Kolb and sign Taylor.  That’s a perfect plan for them. 

Arizona may try to stall the Eagles on making a deal because Taylor likely won’t sign anywhere right away.  He may actually just wait to see what happens because Arizona could very well be where he wants to go. 

Asomugha and Joseph could signs deals very quickly because teams will be hot and heavy for them so that puts the pressure on the Eagles to get a trade consummated before they lose any leverage.

The best case scenario for the Eagles is that Asomugha goes on a Reggie White-like tour to multiple teams and not sign anywhere immediately.  Of course, the Eagles could avoid losing any leverage in this regard by signing a cornerback before making a trade. 

But it is my opinion that the Eagles will not want to spend big money on Nnamdi and Joseph will probably re-sign with Cincy.  So they will probably prefer to acquire DRC and a high draft pick for Kolb. 

But keep an eye on Carlos Rogers; if both Asomugha and Joseph go off the market quickly and Arizona plays hard ball, the Eagles could bring in Rogers and just trade Kolb to the team willing to give up the best draft pick compensation.

Let’s also hope that at least one or two other teams are seriously interested in Kolb as well.  That would be the best type of leverage to have.

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10 Responses to Philadelphia Eagles: How Asomugha and Taylor Can Impact Trade for DRC

  1. CVD says:

    I would be shocked if the eagles don’t pick up either a top CB or top Dlineman. The last few months they have been talking differently than they ever have. Seems like they want to get the fans excited. And they never do stuff like that, so I think they plan on being very aggressive.

    NFL is locked out, plus the Phils picked up Holiday and Lee, and everyone is going crazy for the phils. Eagles want to stay #1 in philly. Not to mention they dumped all that salary and didn’t pick anyone up last year. I think they pick up one or two big name guys (ndamdi, johnson, haynesworth, etc). If its Ndamdi, then its just one, but if he is not one of them I can see us getting two.

    • I can’t wait for this lockout to be over and get on with things! Free agency should be exciting. I think we’ll be wheeling and dealing and land some good players. A good CB and hopefully Haynesworth at least.

      I really think trading for DRC will be on the table but alot of things will go into that, such as stuff mentioned in this article. But one thing is for sure, the Eagles are always good for surprises!

      • CVD says:

        they always do surprise. i keep trying to think of what they could do that i am not thinking of. a few years ago i bet my left arm that they would not sign vick. good thing my son is not trying to collect on that one

        • Lol, I do the same thing. But sometimes I think that, if I can think of it, thats probably NOT what they’ll do! So therefore I made sure to think of them doing “nothing”, lol.

          But they’ll make a move nobody saw coming

  2. Tony says:

    Wont happen! Kolb still hasn’t proven himself, so basically this rumor is completely false. DRC has made the pro bowl, has Kolb?

    • Kolb hasn’t had a chance to make the pro bowl, hard to do when you’re sitting behind all pro QB’s. But you don’t think trading DRC for Kolb and signing Ike Taylor is a good plan for you?

      If I was a Cards fan I’d do that in a minute!

      The thing with Kolb is nobody knows how he’ll do as a starter. He’s shown he’s capable of playing very well. If he turns out to at least be as good as Matt Schaub, it would be a steal for Arizona.

  3. Abel says:

    you again!!!!
    this whole article is makeing kolb look as if he has done anything in this league to warrant a probowler and a high draft pick holy cow im a cards fan im being realistic we dont have much of a O line so say this trade does go down your left with a probowl corner while were left with a busted up kolb like how the eagles were last season except you had vick i mean its like andy reid makes these guys the second coming of tom brady and other teams should be happy to trade for a question mark of a QB man

    • Yo Abel, long time no see! Lol

      The real point is that you guys need a QB in a bad way. Kolb is your best option. Bulger and Hasselbeck are washed up. If Kyle Orton is on the trade block he would be about the next best option.

      No matter how bad your OL is, if you go into next season without a new QB, Whisenhunt might as well quit because he’ll be fired at the end of the year.

      Teams have to pay a premium price for QBs. Kolb is an unknown who has shown promise. Yes, DRC made the pro bowl in 2009 but had a down year last season. Unless you settle on Orton (and who knows what you’d have to give up for him), Kolb is your best shot…and you’ll have to “pay” for it in trade compensation.

    • CVD says:

      These are kolbs stats for games he started and finished 66% 305 9td/6int. that’s pretty decent for ur first few games in the nfl. Don’t look at his overall stats, they are very misleading. He came in during the middle of games and stuff along those lines and played pretty bad. You gotta look at games he started and finished, where he at least practiced for a week.

      Plus he won nfc offensive p0layer of the week twice out of 5 games. And is the first qb in nfl history to throw for over 300 yards in his first 2 starts. I am not saying he will be brady. Just that if I was desperate for a qb, I would trade a corner for him. If you would draft a qb in the first round, why not take a qb that has shown he can do it the nfl. Its only 5 games but its better than zero games.

      He is only available because he got hurt in the first half of his first start last year and Vick came in and shocked the world.

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