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The 2010 season of the Philadelphia Eagles was like watching an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. You went into it not knowing quite what to expect and then had your interest piqued by a surprise plot twist that was quickly followed by incredible action sequences.

You kept watching because the exciting action scenes camouflaged the obvious deficiencies of the supporting cast and overall concept. Yet, you still hoped that the special effects would make the movie good enough to be considered for an Oscar. But ultimately the movie ended in a predictable fashion and left you wishing you had just waited for it to come out on DVD.

I don’t think many people knew what to expect of the Eagles going into last season. I was cautiously optimistic but it was also Year 1 A.D. (After Donovan). We had Kolb, whom I was somewhat confident in, but I had also witnessed him with my own eyes at training camp and came away feeling a little less confident.

We were entering a new era at the most important position in football. We also had a defensive coordinator that looked like Opie and was trying to fill the big shoes of the late Jim Johnson. We had some promise in rookies Brandon Graham and Nate Allen but we all knew in the back of our heads that relying too much on rookies is not a good thing.

Even with those things I still had hope. After Kolb went down and Vick stepped up, the season went from a Sunday drive in the country to a cab ride in New York City.

Since there isn’t much else going on at the moment with the lone exception of the NFL owners meeting today, I thought I’d try to identify some plays or games that defined the 2010 season. So without further ado, let’s get started. I’ll attach videos for your viewing pleasure as we go.

1. Kevin Kolb’s injury in game one against the Packers single-handedly altered the course for 2010. His play was a little shaky before the injury but that could be explained by first game jitters and heavy pressure from the Packer defense.

At the end of the day, less than one-half of a game was not long enough to give Kolb a fair chance at being a starter but Vick’s play was just so amazing that Reid had to put his Kolb script in the shredder.

Had this not happened, how would the season have turned out?

2. Though Vick had played very well in previous games, it wasn’t until the Monday Night game against the Redskins that made everyone in the nation a believer.

Allow me to refresh your memory of the video game-like performance that Michael Vick put on display that wonderful evening of November 15th: 20/28 passing with 333 yards and four TDs combined with eight rushes for 80 yards and another two TDs.

That’s 413 yards of offense and six TDs. I repeat, that was 413 total yards of offense and six TDs!! His QB rating was 150.7, a perfect rating is 158.3. This game cemented his position as being “back on the map”.

As a side note, I’d like to add that I was down by 48 points down in fantasy football and only had Vick left to play. He scored me 49 points! My opponent just shook his head in disbelief.

3. With everyone preoccupied by Michael Vick’s incredible comeback, nobody took much notice to the lackluster play on defense and the secondary in particular. That is, until the Titans game on October 24th.

This is when Kenny Britt became the greatest receiver in NFL history or we had Homer Simpson trying to cover him.

Seven catches for 225 yards and three TDs. This one game equated to one-third of Britt’s 2010 overall stats, literally. The secondary’s performance was so bad that it spiked up through the Vick-osphere for everyone to take notice. Ever since then we knew that cornerback would be our #1 offseason need.

4. The game between the Eagles and Giants on December 19th would put the winner in the driver’s seat for the division championship. We all know about this game and how the Eagles were dominated up until the last 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

In a way, this one game summed up the season until that point. Slow start with some bumps and bruises and then an explosion of big plays that garnered unbridled excitement and unwavering optimism.

The DeSean Jackson punt return to cement Miracle of the Meadowlands II was the most exciting finish in the most exciting game I’ve seen in a long long time. Probably the best one I’ve ever seen when I factor in emotional investment.

The only word I could say after Jackson scored was “unbelievable”. I kept saying it over and over. I just couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. The immortal words of Joe Buck I’ll never forget: “DeSean Jackson….Gets a block! Are you kidding?!”

5. The Tuesday night game against the Vikings had to be the worst one to witness all season. With home field advantage throughout the playoffs on the line, the Eagles let a team that was left for dead and playing with a 6th round rookie quarterback beat them all over the field.

The Eagles looked like a team that was still hungover from the party at the Meadowlands the previous week. Unfortunately, this was the start of the final three games that saw our roller coaster of a season finally derail.

6. Nothing would be complete without watching the final play of the season. Even the final drive of the season was a “get excited only to be let down once again” experience.

With 1:45 left on the clock and one timeout, the Eagles took over at their own 34 yard line. After a 28 yard pass to Jackson, a timeout, a couple of incompletions, then a 1st down strike to Riley Cooper that got the Eagles to the Packers’ 27 yard line, Vick decided to run another play instead of spiking the ball.

It ended up being intercepted and the season was over just like that. A depressing end to an otherwise exciting season.

A question that many fans debated was who was at fault for the interception? Vick or Cooper? Should Vick had just spiked it? Was the pass under-thrown? Or should Cooper have made a better play on the ball to at least break up the interception?

In my opinion, there were 45 seconds left on the clock so Vick should have just spiked it. Oh well, que sera sera.

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