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Kevin Kolb

The two hot topics for Philadelphia Eagles fans during this locked-out offseason have been the inevitable Kevin Kolb trade and the need for another cornerback.  They could ultimately end up being solved simultaneously in one fell swoop or be addressed separately.

Actually, there are several different ways things can play out regarding these two subjects and some are better than others.  Let’s lay out some potential scenarios and see which ones you feel would bring the greatest value to the Eagles.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

Scenario #1:  Kevin Kolb is traded to Arizona for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (DRC) and a third round draft pick.  This is what I meant about addressing both subjects simultaneously.  DRC is a good young cornerback, just turned 25 years old, and will be entering only his fourth season.

He’s made one pro bowl so far (2009) and in three years has accumulated 13 INTs, 61 passes defensed, and has scored four touchdowns (on INT returns).  The guy is a playmaker and would be a great pairing with Asante Samuel.  Plus we get a decent draft pick as well.

Nnamdi Asomugha

Scenario #2:  Kevin Kolb is traded for a first round draft pick (doesn’t matter where) and the Eagles sign CB Nnamdi Asomugha.  In this case we get a top draft pick and the top cornerback in free agency (and arguably the NFL).  Certainly can’t argue the value in this scenario, the Eagles get the best of both worlds.  However, there is some downside to this. 

Asomugha will be 30 and cost mega-money.  While this move would be of great benefit for the 2011 season what about after that?  How many more years can Nnamdi play at this level before his skills diminish?

How will paying him huge money impact the Eagles’ ability to address the contracts of DeSean Jackson and Michael Vick?  And that’s not to mention the following year when the Eagles need to think about paying LeSean McCoy and Jeremy Maclin.

Johnathin Joseph

Scenario #3:  Kolb is traded for two second round draft picks and the Eagles sign a lesser talented but cheaper cornerback (as compared to Asomugha).  The cost of two seconds for Kolb is a popular notion and some consider it more realistic value.  While not as good as getting a first rounder, the upside is that it would benefit us in two drafts rather than just one.

As far as what other cornerbacks will be available will depend on under what circumstances free agency happens and whether or not they re-sign with their current team.  But for right now the top possibilities in this order would be Johnathin Joseph (Bengals), Antonio Cromartie (Jets), Brent Grimes (Falcons), and Carlos Rogers (Redskins).

Patrick Peterson

Scenario #4:  Kolb is traded for rookie cornerback Patrick Peterson, straight up.  I know, crazy right?  But hear me out for a minute on this.  If you recall, there was a report by Pro Football Weekly shortly after the draft that stated the Eagles and Cardinals had a deal in place for Kevin Kolb prior to the draft.  There is always the possibility that turned into some kind of “handshake deal” where the Cardinals would select Peterson with the intention of trading him to the Eagles for Kolb.

The Cardinals, already with DRC, still selected Peterson over a top quarterback and several other top candidates who you can argue would have made more sense for them to take and would have filled more dire needs.  Though it’s rare for a team to trade their #1 pick before he ever plays a single down, it’s not out of the realm of possibility.  If I’m the Eagles, I’d even throw in a third rounder to close this deal.

Scenario #5:  Kevin Kolb is NOT traded and we sign Asomugha or the next best cornerback.  Is this really a good option?  Though it’s not as interesting or exciting, keeping Kolb could prove to be the difference between winning it all in 2011 or not.  If Michael Vick goes down for any length of time, or go down for the season, Kolb would give us the best chance of keeping this train rolling and that could be the best value of all!

Scenario #6:  Kevin Kolb is traded but we do not sign a cornerback. This is a possibility because there have been no rumors whatsoever about the Eagles signing any cornerback.  All of the speculation is by analysts and sports writers who view cornerback as a “need” for the Eagles.  Andy Reid doesn’t always agree with everyone and could very well feel they’re “fine there” (as he likes to say).

Scenario #7:  Kolb is not traded and the Eagles do not sign a cornerback.  Yikes!  This scenario stinks!  But is it possible?  It certainly is and here’s how:  The lockout lasts until September.

In this case it wouldn’t make much sense to trade Kolb and makes much more sense to keep him.  Then the Eagles don’t feel the dire need to pay Asomugha, other cornerbacks re-sign with their teams, and nobody is left available that would be worthwhile (or they simply don’t sign with the Eagles).  It wouldn’t be the end of the world but all I can say for this scenario is…UGH!

There are several different ways you can mix and match the above possibilities or expand upon them, such as different draft pick compensation and exactly which cornerback to sign.  But in general they comprise all the likely scenarios.  There are two schools of thoughts you can apply here…which of these do you want to see happen and which one do you think actually will happen.

Personally, my gut feeling is that scenario #1 is what will actually happen.  I think DRC will be an Eagle.  If that happens, I think the Eagles would also get a draft pick in the deal.  It could be as high as a third but no lower than a 5th.

What I would want to see happen is a tough choice between scenario number’s two and four.  I would be extremely pleased in either case.  I just hope scenario six doesn’t play out!

I’d like to know what Eagles Nation thinks.  Tell me which scenario you’d like to see pan out and/or tell me which one you think actually will.

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11 Responses to Kevin Kolb Trade and the Need For a Cornerback: 7 Scenarios For Eagles

  1. Bill says:

    If/when the Eagles trade Kolb, who do they have as their #2 this season? I don’t see Vick making it through the whole year.

    • No worries Bill, we have Mike Kafka! 😉 That is definitely a concern and I’d think they would sign a veteran free agent. Who? I don’t know because the top ones available may go to a team looking for a starter. But at the end of the day, I think it’s a foregone conclusion that the Eagles will trade Kolb whether we like it or not. Odds of Vick playing a full season are slim though.

      • wellhelloitsdan says:

        What about Jeff Garcia?

        I’ve never understood why they don’t seem more inclined to bring him back. I know their thing is to cut ties with older players…but man, I thought he was a great player/leader/teammate the year that Donovan McNabb was injured, and he stepped in.

        He might be older but they’re looking for an established veteran..and he’s already got some time in the system, so he’s familiar with it. What do you think?

        • Hey Dan! I’ve thought about Jeff Garcia but I’m not sure the Eagles would still be interested in him. He’s 41 now, not sure if he’s still got enough left in the tank because backing up Mike Vick, you’re almost assured of getting some good playing time, unfortunately. Maybe they’ll consider him as their emergency option. If and when Kolb is traded I’m sure they’ll look for a veteran backup so we’d have to see if there would be a better option out there than Garcia.

          And yeah, I like the idea of trading Kolb for DRC and a draft pick. I would do Kolb for Peterson in a heartbeat though…he might have a rookie learning curve but the guy is going to be a stud, plus he returns punts/kicks. As far as his salary is concerned, that wouldn’t be too big of a deal since there will likely be a rookie cap or rookie pay scale in the next CBA (assuming one is settled before the league year starts).

  2. Abel says:

    back at it again witht he DRC for kolb well like you said you can dream

  3. wellhelloitsdan says:

    Dave, those are some interesting scenarios that you lay out!

    I believe Andy Reid is known to feel that cornerbacks aren’t particularly effective until they have a few years under the belt. Although most of the team is very young, I think he realizes that Michael Vick is something special…but at the same time, he’s not getting any younger. Plus, we’ve also seen the value the birds front office has placed on accumulating numerous draft picks recently.

    Put it all together, and my guess is that the Eagles swap Kolb for Rogers-Cromartie and a draft pick. Although Peterson would be great, he’ll most likely still have that rookie learning curve – he’d cost a pick instead of coming with a pick – and his large contractual obligations would make it difficult to get new deals done for the vets, as well as making it tougher to put together competitive offers for free agents they may be interested in.

  4. Boozer78 says:

    Dave I kind of like scenario number one I feel that’s the best way to go for the Eagles. I don’t think kafika will be that bad as a back up he has shown flashes of being able to run the team if given a chance, and hey one day he will have to run a team rather it be the Eagles anyway, if Vick goes down. I think the Eagles will do well this year if they trade kolb for Rogers-Cromartie and hey their is alway’s a chance to pick back up Donovan and let him back up vick what do you think about that.

    • Hey Boozer, as long as trading Kolb gets us good value I’m ok with it. And DRC plus a 3rd would definitely be good value. Having Kafka be the #2 is risky. He most likely needs another year of development that’s why I think they’ll sign a veteran QB to back Vick up. But if they decide to just roll with Kafka then so be it, I just hope he’s ready!

      Bring back McNabb? At this point he has way too much pride to even consider that. He’ll get a starting job somewhere next season. I don’t think we’ll ever see him in an Eagle uniform again.

  5. Carl says:

    not for nothing but I started that rumor about the cards and eagles and a player for player trade….

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