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The Kevin Kolb trade rumors are still alive and well after the NFL Draft Bonanza.  The market was widdled down a little bit but there are still multiple teams who could  use his services.  Within the past few days, 2 reports have come out regarding a potential trade.  The first came from Pro Football Weekly who mentioned Arizona and claimed the following:

The Eagles, sources told PFW, had a potential deal in place to trade QB Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals before the draft, but those plans changed when veterans were not allowed to be dealt. It’s very possible, however, that the Cardinals and Eagles could reignite those trade talks.

Then, Peter King of Sports Illustrated reported that an unknown team has offered the Eagles a 2012 1st round pick.

The fact that the Cardinals did not select a QB in the draft has fueled speculation that they are the ultimate destination for Kolb.  And remember, Larry Fitzgerald was quoted back in February as saying that Kolb was his first choice for a new QB (though he later retracted this).   

The Cardinals do seem like the best possible landing place for Kolb.  I’ve heard some chatter among Eagles fans wondering if there will be an eventual trade of Kolb for Arizona’s 1st round draft choice Patrick Peterson.  In fact, that is what led me to write this article.  The main logic behind this thought is that most Eagles fans believe cornerback is our most dire need yet we didn’t select one until the 3rd round (and used it on a player who is a long shot to contribute much in 2011).  The Cardinals biggest need is QB but they didn’t address this in the draft either.  Is this a match made in heaven?

Kolb for Peterson.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  It would work for both teams as they would both be getting players at positions they need.  Is it a fair trade?  Seems like a steep price for Arizona to pay.  Well, one thought is that the Eagles could demand more for Kolb since he plays football’s most important position – read it as QB > CB.  Another thought is that with Arizona being in the same conference, we would be trading them to a more direct competitor and therefore the price should be higher. 

There have also been previous rumors and/or reports that the Eagles were setting the price tag on Kolb as two 1st rounders or a minimum of a 1st and 3rd round picks.  If you believe that, then in essence this trade would be like sending Arizona a 1st and 3rd round pick for Peterson.

As great as all that sounds, this seems highly unlikely and is probably just wishful thinking by Eagles fans (myself included).  The only chance of this actually happening is if the Pro Football Weekly report is 100% true and the deal was for Arizona’s 1st round pick.  Then when they knew they couldn’t make the trade, another “handshake deal” was made that the Cardinals would select Peterson (if available) with the agreement that he would be traded for Kolb because that’s who the Eagles would have selected if they had that pick.  Sounds like a little too much though, doesn’t it?

Furthermore, do you truly feel Kolb is worth the 5th overall pick in the draft?  I just can’t fathom that.  A mid to late 1st rounder yes but teams place an extremely high value on top 5 picks.  He is certainly worth a 2012 1st rounder though so that’s the most likely compensation we’ll get in a deal (at least part of the package).  There is also a good possibility that since they missed out on getting 2011 draft picks, the Eagles may want something that can help them this year so getting a player in return is definitely in the mix.

If you think that Kolb will go to Arizona and another player would be involved, the more likely scenario would be us getting DRC (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie).  He is a young player (25 years old) and is a good starting CB (13 INT’s in 4 years).  I could see this happening more-so than Peterson.  But of course I’d rather have Peterson.

Other teams that still need a QB are Seattle, Miami, Buffalo, and Oakland.  All of them could, or perhaps should, be considering a trade for Kolb’s services.  And with all of the talk centering around Arizona, it is almost a sure bet that Kolb will not go there and end up with one of these other teams or a team nobody expected.  Does anyone recall last year hearing a rumor about McNabb being traded to Washington?  Most of the speculation and rumors were that he’d go to Minnesota, Arizona, San Fran, or St. Louis.  The trade to the Redskins came out of left field so don’t be surprised when this one does too.

One thing we know, the Eagles are very good at keeping their biggest moves under wraps (1st round draft picks, trades, free agent signings, etc).  I seriously wonder if someone within the Eagles organization purposely leaks rumors to throw off the hound dogs and create misdirection.  They could have also leaked a rumor about receiving a 1st round draft pick offer for Kolb just to make other teams believe that’s where the bidding starts.  Would the Eagles engage in such subterfuge?  Absolutely.  It’s good business strategy to garner the best value possible for your product.

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15 Responses to Kevin Kolb Trade Speculation: Peterson Or DRC A Possibility?

  1. Abel says:

    you eagles fans are dumb lol why would the arizona cardinals just trade what possibly could be the most dangrous tandem of CBs the league has that i just aquired lol? theres other qbs out there that would fit our needs just fne and all we would have to give up is a draft pick or maybe a running back up? well happy trails just get what you can for kolb the longer the labor lockout is still on going the price is less and less buy the way DRC just put on 8 pounds of muscle lol so dream eagles dream

    • hyun says:

      the best cornerback tandem? last time i checked DRC had an absolutely TERRIBLE season last year, in fact he’s really never been much of anything to write home about.


      • Hey Hyun, thanks for the reply but I had to filter a word (I’m sure you can tell which one). I’m trying to keep things a little cleaner…I don’t mind if you try to mask profanity…such as “EFF” instead of “F__k”…but otherwise I just don’t want a bunch of profanity laced comments on here. Thanks for understanding.

        And as far as your comment…DRC did have a down year last year, I agree. But he’s still better than any CB on our roster other than Samuel. Wouldn’t you agree?

  2. Hey Abel, thanks for a view from a Cardinals fan! I wouldn’t say Eagles fans are dumb, optimistic in this sense, but definitely not dumb. We take rumors that are reported and draw conclusions. The fact of the matter on this is that you guys need a QB and we need a CB, it’s easy to think this could be a “logical” solution. It’s probably a long shot anyway but fun to think about…for Eagles fans anyway.

    Kolb would be the best option for you though. He’s better and is more of a long term solution then Marc Bulger or Carson Palmer. And besides those 2, who else would you get that is available?

    • Abel says:

      yeah your right eagles fans arent dumb but your right it does not hurt to dream why wouldnt he eagles take a pick and cash so you could use on nmadi

      • Nnamdi is a good option for us too and one Eagles fans would certainly be happy with. We’ll probably end up just getting draft picks for Kolb…from Arizona or whatever team we trade him to. Question for you though…what do you think of Kolb? Would you rather have him over Carson Palmer, Marc Bulger, or Vince Young?

        • Abel says:

          Dave to be honest we love KOLB but we love facts too and the fact of the matter is that he only has 7 games under his belt as a start and tho those games were good im pretty sure eagles fans would have doubts if the roles were reversed but the channel 3 news has broken a story saying the broncos and the cardinals have had talks about kyle orton so its going to be about price also DRC has put on 8 pounds of mucle mass and has been here in tempe working with todd heap, Mcnabb, 20 to 30 cardinals and co. wasnt vick qouted in saying ARIZONA HAS 20 GUYS WORKING OUT ALREADY AND I CANT GET SOME OF MY TEAM MATES TO JOIN ME?

          • True, Kolb doesn’t have a whole lot of experience under his belt but neither did Matt Schaub when he was traded to Houston. What Kolb has over any of the other QB’s who might be available is youth and upside. If I were a Cardinal fan, I think Kolb would be my 1st choice but I don’t know what I’d be willing to give up for him (from a Cardinals fan point of view).

            That Orton rumor doesn’t mean he’s going to be the one. Marc Bulger was also rumored to be going to Arizona too. I can’t wait until the league year starts so we can see who actually goes where.

            And no, I didn’t hear a quote like that from Vick…maybe I missed it? If you know of one, please get me a link to an article so I can check it out. I can’t find anything of the nature.

          • Abel says:

            that what i was asking you lol and yeah that doesnt mean orton will be the one but it does mean arizona has options hey i say on espn that philly has a plan to get nmandi whats the word in philly about that?

          • Everyone has speculated that the Eagles would go after Nnamdi and most fans in Philly hope it happens. But I’m sure the Eagles aren’t going to be the only ones going after him so it will come down to who Nnamdi wants to play for. Do I want the Eagles to go after him? Definitely. But I’m not so sure they actually will.

  3. Smokes says:

    Dave…. nice article! But like you said, we can only hope and dream.

    PS- Besides getting Matthews I’m kinda depressed about our draft class… maybe your next article can be one dedicated to cheering me up LOL!

  4. @ Smokes – LOL! I know how you feel, I’m not all geeked up about our draft either. But, I really think Watkins will be a good player and be a sorely needed upgrade this year. Jarrett is growing on me alot and if he comes in and looks like a player that’s going to light people up…ala Brian Dawkins style…he’ll quickly be a favorite! Mathews was a good pick and I hope he lives up to his name.

    I feel good about the other 2 OL picks but other than that? We’ll see. My next article may actually depress you even more…LOL

  5. […] would trade Kolb to Arizona for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (plus a draft pick).  In fact, my original speculation began shortly after the NFL Draft when some fans were talking about a Kolb-for-Patrick Peterson […]

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