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Judge Susan Nelson

Judge Nelson

Federal Court Judge Susan Nelson is set to preside over the NFLPA’s injuction hearing today.  A decision is not expected immediately but rather within the next week, hopefully.  She holds in her hands the immediate fate of the fans’ desire for football action and could alter Kevin Kolb’s life on a personal and professional level.  For most of us fans, we just want the NFL world to get back to normal…free agency, trades, and have the focus shift back to actual football rather than the mind numbing legalities of the CBA situation.  But the only impact to the fans is how to spend their time (and extra money) while there’s no football.  On the other hand, players like Kevin Kolb are waiting for their future to be determined.

Kevin Kolb’s ultimate destination could be determined by whether or not trades are allowed to happen before the draft.  Think about it from his point of view, if trades are allowed prior to the draft he could feasibly end up in a situation like Arizona with Larry Fitzgerald and in a weak division.  Or he could land in Minnesota where he’d be surrounded by a Super Bowl ready team.  His chances for success at either place are favorable.  But what if no trades are allowed and the Cardinals and Vikings decide to draft a QB?  Instead of a nice situation out in the desert or in a dome, he could find himself shipped to places such as Cincinnati or Tennessee.  The chances for success in either of those 2 places are significantly worse.

Then there is the personal impact for Kolb and his family.  The families of NFL players always have to be ready to move around but that shouldn’t undermine the toll it takes on them.  Schools, communities, climate, personal relationships, environment, etc, are all impacted by where a player moves to…especially when the player doesn’t get much say in the matter.  And the team/situation he goes to will impact his finances, for better or worse depending on his success level.  But don’t feel too bad for him, at least on the money level, he’s already made more many than most of us will in a lifetime. 

Kolb is looking at getting his chance of a lifetime to be a starting QB for an NFL team.  Success or failure could hinge on where he winds up.  I’m sure he would prefer to be traded before the draft while the choices of destinations are at their maximum.  After the draft his choices will be much more limited.  So, Kevin should be sending Susan Nelson some flowers, candy, spa gift certificates, a gift card to Robes & Gavels Unlimited…whatever it takes to influence her to rule in favor of the players.  

I just want to see NFL operations return to normal.  Come on Susan, give us back our football! 

**For those of you who would like a good explanation of how the judge can rule on this case, take a gander at this article.  It explains the 4 possible rulings she could make.  The best case scenario for those who want football is for her to rule in favor of the players or to order the 2 sides back into mediation.

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2 Responses to Judge Holds the Fans’ Desire For Pre-Draft Action and Kevin Kolb’s Fate in Her Hands

  1. Tom Jackson says:

    Good report as usual… most of us didn’t know the federal judge has 4 rulings options…very interesting.. that would be cool if she rules for work to resume pending ongoing mediation… but could the Owners appeal that ruling? An appeal by either side would take us well past Draft Weekend, I fear… and well into late Spring or early summer. Hope not…

  2. dave says:

    Apparently, if she rules in favor of the players she can place a “stay” or something along those lines which means her ruling would remain in place during the appeal process. Besides an actual agreement that would be the best thing to happen.

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