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Ryan Kerrigan

I’ve previously gone over potential trade up and trade down scenarios for the Eagles as well as an early mock draft back on March 10th.  This is my final stab at what I think will happen.  Actually, this mock is a combination of what I think the Eagles should do and what I think they will do.  There has been much speculation about whether they will trade up or down in the 1st round.  The poll I have been running about this shows that there isn’t one dominant opinion held by the majority of people about what they’ll do.

For my mock I’ve decided to stay put at #23 and only predicted 1 minor trade.  I’m playing it a little safe with the trades but we all know that the Eagles are a wheelin’ and dealin’ type of team so you can probably expect more trades.

1st Round: DE Ryan Kerrigan, 6′ 4″ 267 lbs – The Eagles are never linked in any manner (private visits, workouts, etc) to their 1st round picks.  And to my knowledge, I do not believe that any major draft pundit (ESPN, SI, NFL Network, etc) has him going to the Eagles in a mock draft.  These 2 things, believe it or not, are a major factor for me when considering a pool of potential 1st round picks.  Kerrigan is my choice because he was super productive, is reported to have great character and a great work ethic, and plays a position the Eagles always covet.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him picked earlier than #23 but I also feel there is a decent chance he’s there for us.

2nd Round: *Trade* Eagles trade their 2nd round pick (#54) to the Falcons for their 2nd (#59) and 4th (#124) rounders. The Falcons make the move to nab a WR they covet (Leonard Hankerson) and the Eagles pick up an extra 4th…the round they love.  At #59 the Eagles select…

DT Kenrick Ellis, 6′ 5″ 346 lbs.  There is a risk and reward here with Ellis.  He was kicked out of his first school at South Carolina for repeated policy violations and was arrested in early 2010 for assault.  However, the Eagles were noted as having “serious interest” in him about a month ago so I’m assuming that they could actually consider him.  He has excellent size and agility and gives Washburn an Albert Haynesworth clone (hopefully only in an ability sense) to work with.

3rd Round: CB Jalil Brown, 6′ 1″ 204 lbs – Finally, we address the cornerback position.  Brown’s stock is picking up a little bit nowadays because he was previously busy being overshadowed by teammate Jimmy Smith.  He’s a decent sized corner that has the potential to be a very good starter in a year or 2.  He’s viewed as insurance in case we don’t land Nnamdi Asomugha once free agency starts.

4th Round, 1st pick: OT Jah Reid, 6′ 7″ 327 lbs – Andy picks him because he likes his last name…and the fact that he’s a big man that plays RT.  He’s a name you probably haven’t heard much but the scouts know who he is.  There’s a good chance he’s not even here at this pick, could be a 3rd rounder.  His stock has been steadily rising and word has it that he left very favorable impressions at the combine and pro day.  Great value pick here.

4th Round, 2nd pick: OLB Lawrence Wilson, 6′ 1″ 230 lbs – This is right about where Reid likes to take linebackers…much to the chagrin of many Eagle fans.  The Eagles have been linked to numerous LB’s in pre-draft preperation and about 90% were mid – late round prospects.  I think they stay status quo in this regard and make grab a LB with a good reputation as being a hard worker.  They also brought him in for a visit.

4th Round, 3rd pick: OG/C Brandon Fusco, 6′ 4″ 306 lbs – 4 year starter who’s stock has been rising as well.  The Eagles did have him in for a private visit so there is some level of interest.  He’s versatile and has a mean streak which will endear him to the die-hard fans.

5th Round, 1st pick: WR Jeremy Kerley, 5′ 10″ 189 lbs – Say goodbye to Chad Hall.  Kerley comes in to claim the 5th WR spot and would be our return specialist.  He ranked in the top 20 in the nation in both kick and punt returns.  We need someone dynamic to take over PR duties from DeSean Jackson.  The Eagles also worked Kerley out last month so there is some interest.

5th Round, 2nd pick: OLB Mario Harvey, 5′ 11″ 257 lbs – We are Marshall!  Mario’s stock has been rising as of late.  He has almost 4.4 speed for a guy at 257 lbs and could be a good fit for what Juan Castillo is looking for in LB’s.  The Eagles attended a private workout for him as well.

7th Round, 1st pickS DeJon Gomes, 6′ 208 lbs – Productive player with 7 INT’s in only 2 seasons.  Speed is about average.  He is another player the Eagles brought in for a private visit.  They get lucky again with a 7th round safety (Kurt Coleman last year).

7th Round, 2nd pickRB Mario Fannin, 5′ 10″ 231 lbs – Has good size and ran a sub 4.4 at the combine.  Good receiver out of the backfield and has experience as a return specialist.

7th Round, 3rd pickOLB Adrian Moten, 6′ 1″ 228 lbsMr. Irrelevant for the Eagles but he would actually have a good shot at making our roster if only for special teams.  Plus, the linebacker position could be seeing a major overhaul so there will certainly be openings.

 **Quick note on the issue of the pending stay regarding the lockout –

Judge Nelson denied the stay last night and the owners have immediately filed for the stay via the 8th Circuit Court.  I’ve read where this court could give a ruling today or up to as long as a week.  The question now is when the NFL will start the league year.  It could be today, tomorrow, Monday or not anytime soon if the 8th Court grants the stay. 

If they decide to allow player trades by at least tomorrow, Kolb could be traded for something like a 2011 2nd rounder plus a pick in 2012 (possibly a 1st).

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4 Responses to Final Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Mock Draft

  1. Smokes says:

    Hmmm….. Sorry Dave, but I really hope the Eagles don’t draft yet another DE in the first and then a DT in the second. I just don’t think those are our top positions of need. In my opinion, our positions of need are (in order) CB, OL, LB, SS, then maybe a DE or DT. Anyway, your mock draft is still better then alot of others out there.
    By the way, who do you want the Eagles to pick tonight? Not who they WILL pick, just who you want them to pick?

  2. Trump says:

    Yo! We be trading out of the first round! also, check EMB – League opens tomorrow.

    PS. bout time you got a capital “D” for your name :p

  3. […] is a new Post at Final Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Mock Draft | Eagles Addict. Actually, this mock is a combination of what I think the Eagles should do and what I think they […]

  4. @Smokes – I think CB is absolutely our #1 need followed by OL. Who do I want them to pick? I’d take a chance in Jimmy Smith if he is there and hope he doesn’t turn out to have off-field or lockerroom issues. If not him then Carimi. But I honestly really like Kerrigan and would still be happy with him. The Eagles hardly ever do what the masses think they should do though.

    @Trump – I definitely think there’s a good chance we trade out of the 1st. If we do then our 1st pick will probably be a CB in the early 2nd. And yeah, the lower case crap was annoying!

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