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Previously I wrote about trade-up scenarios and what players I feel the Eagles would actually deem worthy of trading up for.  Now I’d like to take a look at a few scenarios where we trade back in the draft.  As noted before, Reid has moved out of his 1st round draft slot 50% of the time so there is a decent chance he does so again this year.  If we do move, I feel it’s more likely we move back than up mainly because of the iffy lockout situation.  If the Eagles want to try and fill as many holes as they can via the draft, they will need more quality picks to do so. 

Trade-down scenarios are a little more tricky to theorize.  First we should look at what some of the teams in the top half of the 1st round might do since they are the most likely candidates to want to trade up into the 1st round again.  The most probable thing I can see happening is that one of the QB-needy teams will not use their 1st round pick on a QB because they don’t want to bypass other top prospects.  They will then feel the need to trade up from their 2nd round slot to secure one of the “2nd tier” QB’s in this draft.  Players like Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert will be picked within the top 15 but what other QB’s do you see worthy of drafting that high?  None, that’s right.

Any of these teams could be looking to trade up: Buffalo, Cincy, Arizona, San Fran, Tennessee, Washington, and Minnesota.  That would put us anywhere from pick #34 to pick #45.  Teams that trade up from this area into our slot in round 1 would need to give up either their 3rd rounder or some combination of their 2012 1st rounder plus a mid round pick in 2011 in addition to their 2nd round pick.  If we end up going this route, I’d expect the Eagles to look at CB’s and OL’s with their two 2nd rounders and target 2 of the following players:

  • CB Davon House, 6′ 200 lbs
  • CB Aaron Williams, 5′ 11″ 204 lbs
  • CB Curtis Marsh, 6′ 197 lbs
  • OT Derek Sherrod, 6′ 5″ 321 lbs
  • OT/G Clint Boling, 6′ 4″ 308 lbs
  • OT/G Ben Ijalana, 6′ 3″ 317 lbs

If a particular defensive end or defensive tackle that they have graded as a 1st round prospect is on the board when they pick (in the 2nd round), I could see them going in that direction instead.  But otherwise I feel pretty confident that the value during the 2nd round to the Eagles will be CB and OL and I’d feel good about any of those 6 players.

As I was writing this article, I saw this reportcome out from Tim McManus at Philly Sports Daily.  Howie Roseman did an interview today and had this to say when he was asked if he expected a similar level of trading as they have in previous years:

“Yeah, especially where we are in the first round, I think that’s where you anticipate some of the quarterbacks coming up,” said Roseman. “Obviously we are in a great place in the draft to get some of those quarterbacks where they are slotted to go if someone wants to come up and get one of those quarterbacks.”

This certainly gives credence to my theory but now I’m a little leary that the Eagles will actually do it.  The Eagles never talk openly about their plans for the draft or free agency.  In fact, it seems as if they always say the opposite of what they’ll do.  But it could also just have been a sales pitch by Howie to let everyone know that they’d listen to any and all offers about trading out of their slot.  What they will end up doing is anyone’s guess because they really are an unpredictable team when it comes to the draft.

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4 Responses to 2011 Eagles Draft: Potential Trade-Down Scenarios and Targets

  1. Smokes says:

    Great article Dave, but I highly doubt that the Eagles, with all the first-round-worthy O-line talent and not to mention if available a good quality cornerback at spot 23, would trade down unless the draft goes completely wacko and there will be great talent available in the 2nd round. But then again, you never, ever know with Reid coaching…

  2. dave says:

    Thanks Smokes! The problem I have is trying to foresee who exactly will be available at #23. If CB Jimmy Smith is available, will they take him? If he’s there I think he’s the best choice out of anyone but I just don’t think they will. What OL might be there that’s 1st round worthy? Carimi and Pouncey? I’d be ok with either of them but Reid has only ever drafted 1 first round OL. And I’m not a fan of Derek Sherrod at #23.

    It’s a tough call. Unless a player they have specifically targeted falls and gets within striking distance of a trade up (or looks to be there at 23), I think we’ll trade down because someone will make us a “deal we can’t refuse”.

  3. Smokes says:

    Like you, I am not in favor of getting Sherrod at all in the 1st round. If Pouncey or Smith (or possibly even Carimi) is available at 23, I say take him….

  4. I’m with ya Smokes, that’s what I would most likely do if I were in charge! The only way I’d stray is if I had other teams chirping in my ear with excellent trade deals…or…if Smith, Pouncey, and Carimi weren’t there.

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