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Old man

Our new lineman - Opposing DL better respect their elders!

All across Canada last night, Senior Centers erupted with excitement.  One of their own was just drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles with the 23rd overall pick in the NFL draft.  Bust out the geritol, it’s time to celebrate, eh!  So instead of collecting social security, Danny Watkins will now be collecting an NFL paycheck.

I know I know, he’s old, you get it.  He’s also a Canadian firefighter.  And, he’s also only played 4 years of football in his life.  I’m sure you’ve heard all of that by now though so I won’t get into any more detail.

Watkins, 6′ 3″ 310 lbs, is 26 years old and will be 27 mid-way through next season.  I’m sure my reaction was like most Eagle fans….”What?  Who?  With Smith, Carimi, Jordan, and Bowers still on the board?  What the <insert expletive here>????!!!”  But after I got past the shock and slept on it, I now feel better about the decision.  Why, you ask?

First, he is a very highly rated guard.  Most projected him as a high 2nd rounder but there were some who thought he’d sneak into late round 1.  Mike Mayock described him as “one of the nastiest players in the country”.  As an Eagle fan, how can you not like that kind of description by the well respected Mayock?  Plus, OL was certainly a big need for us anyway.

Secondly, given that Watkins is, umm, older…he should adapt much quicker than a typical rookie due to maturity level.  He will almost certainly start from day 1 at the RG position.  Reid/Roseman could have decided to go this way because they want to take advantage of a short window for success with the current team (well, mainly Vick).  In this way, you can look at it as if Andy Reid is in a “win now” type of mode rather than his usual “pick for the future” mindset.  Watkins will have a shorter learning curve and be an instant upgrade to our OL.

In general, the only concern I do have is his age.  But that concern is about the future, not the next few years.  Instead of looking forward to potentially a good 12 or so years with him, we may now be reduced to a 7 – 8 year time frame.  Though he could possibly play a little longer than average since he doesn’t have a lifetime of football wear-and-tear on his body.  At the end of the day, I now like the pick and I’m perfectly ok with it.  Especially if he’s got some nasty in him!

The real Danny Watkins:

Danny Watkins

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6 Responses to #1 Pick For Eagles Means Reid Wants to Win Now

  1. Smokes says:

    Dave, my reaction was much worse then yours, so don’t feel bad. Anyway, I, like you and so many other Eagles fans, was frankly ticked off at the Eagles for first off not trying to get Amukamara, then passing on Carimi and Smith! But ya know what? Maybe the reason we passed on a corner is because we are in discussions with the Cardinals to trade Kolb for Peterson! Think about it, don’t they need a QB more than a CB? And if we were to get Peterson, there goes one need, might as well work on the next (OL)…..
    Your thoughts? Am I being absurd?

  2. Smokes says:

    By the way nice opening pic LOL priceless.

  3. Tom Jackson says:

    Great article! And your Mach 10 is still alive… but like you, I did not have Danny Watkins on my list…2 other guys did…so you and I are down 1 at the turn!

  4. @Smokes – I’m so used to Reid and the Eagles making picks out of left field that my reaction was much tamer than say, last year when I thought we’d take Earl Thomas after the trade up. And no, you’re not being crazy about the Kolb for Peterson idea. I’ve seen some chatter about that today so you aren’t the only one. If the Cards don’t pick a QB with their next pick that thought will intensify. To be honest I’m not sure if that could be a possibility or not. Thats tremendous value for Kolb though, maybe Kolb + a 2012 pick. But we’re probably just dreaming!

    @Tom – thanks man! 2 people actually thought we might take him? Did they pick more than 1 potential 1st rounder? If not I’d like to shake their hand for predicting that!

  5. Jim Nic says:

    Hey Dave, When I saw the photo of that bi-speckled, silver-haired wonder in the Denver Broncos sleep wear; I thought to myself… Honey, forget my dentures and Ibuprofen… get my football pads out of the attic truck, I’m going down to the Eagles open tryouts… and then I realized, wait a minute, the Eagles don’t have open tryout anymore… well, it was a good dream, even if it only did last for 30 seconds!?

  6. @ Jim Nic – LOL…You were getting ready to be the 2nd coming of Vince Papale huh?

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