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Michael Vick

Let me start by saying that I do not hold a grudge on Michael Vick.  What he did was terrible but the man has served his time just as the average person in our society would for the same crime.  He just happens to be the star QB of an NFL team which in turn brings more media scrutinization.  Furthermore, he happens to be the starting QB for my favorite sports team.  Therefore I only view him in that regard.  Once he is no longer serviceable as a QB, I will move on to the next guy and Vick will become nothing but a memory.

Right now Vick is doing and saying the right things.  He is speaking publicly about the ills of dog fighting and has teamed up with the Humane Society of the United States.  He is doing charity work (the latest cancelation of the “What It Takes”  event not withstanding).  As reported by 630 WMAL News, he is next to be honored by The Southeastern Virginia Arts Association down in Norfolk, VA as an example for  “overcoming obstacles”.  That is all well and good, Vick does serve as a good example for someone overcoming their mistakes, paying their dues, and not giving up.  Inspiration can certainly be found in that regard.  Michael Muhammad, an Arts Association official, defended Michael Vick in their decision to honor him.  Here is what Mr. Muhammad stated:

“People talk about Michael Vick like he was a convicted felon, well so was Jesus Christ, yet he was able to do things above and beyond the naysayers”

Say what?  Come again?  To compare him to Jesus Christ is, well, just Charlie Sheen-ish!  In response to Muhammad’s proclamation, I wouldn’t be surprised if a group of vigilante Christians were concocting a devious plan to light a bag of dog excrement on fire on the front porch of his house, then ring the doorbell and run.  It’s just my opinion, but if I were Jesus Christ I might be a little offended at this comparison.

I didn’t write this article to stir up anybody on either side of love/hate fence for Michael Vick.  I just simply had to point out that this was just taking things a little too far here.  I mean, only Michael Vick will ever know whether or not Michael Vick is truly remorseful and has “learned his lesson”.  Plus, one could easily say “hey, he’s just doing what he’s doing because he stands to make millions of dollars playing football” therefore giving him motive to seem remorseful.

As long as he plays good football for the Eagles, that’s all I am concerned with.


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4 Responses to Michael Vick: Lord Our Savior?

  1. dave says:

    Yeah really, that was a little ridiculous huh?

  2. Tom Jackson says:

    I guess I’ll give the Arts Association in Norfolk a pass on this one because Vick and his family are from Norfolk. But yes, there are a lot of lesser-known athletes in the NFL who have faced and overcome even bigger obstacles…Vick seems reluctant to turn down any group who wants to “honor” him and his turnaround, but maybe he should realize some of these groups are using him to gain their own publicity…Mike, just say, No, I am not worthy…and stuff like this will go away.

  3. dave says:

    Good point Tom. Maybe he feels he should be doing all these things because he’s afraid it’ll look bad if he doesn’t. Who knows.

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