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The latest rumor buzz from Adam Schefter regarding “at least 3 teams” discussing a trade for Kevin Kolb has me feeling mixed emotions.  On one hand, getting a first round pick in return is certainly exciting.  But what’s not exciting is thinking about playing next year without a quality back-up for Michael Vick.  Throughout his career as a starter, Vick has missed at least 1 game in every season except for 2006.  He has missed a total of 18 games in his career due to injury and will be 31 years old this June.  His style of play makes him a higher than average risk for future injuries.  Combine that with Andy Reid’s pass-happy philosophy and a leaky offensive line and you have the formula for a quarterback catastrophe.

I’ve stated previously that I’m not exactly on the trade-Kolb-bandwagon.  For a top 15 pick in the draft it would surely be tempting, no question, and I probably would pull the trigger.  But in taking a step back and looking at the big picture for a minute, trading Kolb will put next season at serious risk.

Last season, Vick dropped back to pass 372 times and rushed the ball 100 times in 12 games.  That projects to 496 pass attempts and  133 rushing attempts over a 16 game period.  That’s 629 chances for bodily harm over the course of the season!  Or you could break that down to a little over 39 chances per game.  The other thing you have to consider is that Vick tends to hold the ball too long…he’s not a quick release QB like Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, or Tom Brady.  Those guys attempt a lot of passes themselves but they also know how to get rid of the ball quickly to minimize hits.  Not Vick.  Heck, Vick doesn’t even know how to slide!

So we have a QB who attempts a lot of passes, holds the ball too long, and has a penchant for taking off to run.  Without Kolb as a security net, how nervous will you be next year every time you see Vick get hit?  If he misses substantial time due to injury the Eagles’ season goes down in flames.  Trading Kolb is a gamble, are you ready to deal with the consequences if Reid rolls the dice and comes up snake eyes?  If Kolb has good success elsewhere and Vick goes down with an injury, get ready for an apocolypse in Philadelphia.  The managing of this QB situation will re-define Andy Reid and may ultimately determine his fate in Philly.

Chances are high that Kolb gets traded if a new CBA is reached before the draft.  If Vick goes down next season I just hope it’s within the 1st few games.  If we’re going to miss the playoffs we might as well do it right and go 2-14 and get the #1 pick in the 2012 draft.  Then the losing season would be worthwhile because our prize would be stud college QB  Andrew Luck, the next true franchise QB.  Hey, I’d rather that then Vick go down in week 12, we end up 8-8, miss the playoffs, and with the #19 overall pick in the draft.

But if we keep Kolb, Michael Vick can play his game and I as a fan will not worry because I know he can step in and keep the train rolling.

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