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Some Saturday news snippets:

LeSean McCoy

LeSean McCoy, the player with the nickname “Shady” has been in the news lately for, well, acting shady.  Paul Domowitch reported that on March 11th McCoy was scheduled to have an appearance and autograph signing at Bentley’s, a restaurant/nightclub located in Ashley, PA.  Bentley’s advertised and sold tickets for the event as well as paid McCoy a $2,500 advance of a $5,000 total fee.  However, LeSean never showed up.  He was scheduled to be there at 8:00pm but “tweeted” at 9:26 about having a flat tire.  Jonathan Comitz, an attorney who represents Bentley’s, didn’t particularly care for the flat tire excuse:

“For starters, McCoy was already an hour-and-half late when he first tweeted about the flat. Second, they even offered to send somebody to pick him up after he told Bentley’s about the flat tire, Comitz said.

“It was one excuse after another,” Comitz said. “I mean, I can make it down to Philly in 2 hours from here. As of 10:30, we were still led to believe he was on his way.

“At that point in time, he could have said, ‘Look, there’s no way I’m going to make it up there.’ But he didn’t. He said he was on his way, which we relayed to his fans. We’re definitely disappointed. There were a lot of people waiting to see him.”

Hmmm, maybe he should change his name to LeNoShow.  What’s a little more baffling is that McCoy still has not returned his $2,500 advance.  But his brother LeRon (McCoy), who actually is the one who set up the event through his business “DreamCatcher Entertainment”, has cited reasons for their absence such as the transportation situation and an apparent refusal by Bentley’s to pay the other half of the appearance fee since they were late.  LeRon has also stated they will be returning the money and have attempted to reconcile the issue with Bentley’s.  You can read further about the response from McCoy’s camp here.  I like LeSean and I hope this was not the real McCoy.

Comp picks:

Yesterday it was announced that the Eagles have received two 7th round compensatory draft picks for the loss of free agents Jason Babin and Sean Jones.  The NFL awards these picks, which can be as high as a 3rd rounder, to teams who have lost free agents the year before.  The formula for awarding compensatory draft picks is somewhat complex and is based on factors that include the monetary value of a contract the lost free agent signs with another team, his playing time, and if he obtains pro bowl honors.  Another mitigating factor is if the team who loses the free agent signs another free agent of similar value.  In effect that would off-set that team’s loss.  For example, the Panthers lost DE Julius Peppers last year and he signed a huge deal with the Bears plus made the pro bowl.  The Panthers never acquired a free agent of similar value and thus were awarded the highest compensatory pick allowed, a 3rd rounder.  In case you’re wondering why we didn’t receive a better pick for the loss of Babin, who made he pro bowl, it’s because he only signed a 1 year deal with Tennessee for $1 Million.

The Eagles now have 10 total picks in the draft: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, two 4ths, two 5ths, and three 7ths.

Is this Browns fan passionate, angry, intelligent, crazy, or disillusioned?  (Or all of these combined?)

Ken Lanci

Browns fan and millionaire Ken Lanci

Cleveland Browns fan Ken Lanci has decided to take it upon himself to help force a labor settlement between the NFL and the players.  He is suing the NFL over the player lock-out by claiming they are breaching his Personal Seat License (PSL) contract.  In the suit, Lanci claims ”that the lockout denies him the right under the personal seat licenses to go to Browns games and has destroyed the value of the seat-license agreement.”  The lawsuit goes on to further state that “the NFL and its teams have conspired with the Browns and one another to lock out the players, without justification, resulting in the Browns’ breach of the PSL agreement.”

It is unknown as to how much water his case holds and how a judge will view it.  If it gains steam and is thought to have merit, maybe Lanci will be a trend-setter that leads to other fans following suit thus creating “real” pressure from the fan base.  But for now I’ll steal a line from Terrell Owens…”Get yo popcorn ready!”

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