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It seems the curse of Philly football transcends leagues and genders as the Philadelphia Passion…of the Lingerie Football League…lost to the Temptations of L.A. on Sunday, 26-25.  From my understanding, there was some hot action in a tight game that really got the crowd aroused!  During next year’s Super Bowl you can consider tuning into this game during half-time instead of watching the ever dreadful half-time show.  You can watch the commercial for this year’s game here:

2011 Lingerie Bowl Commercial

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2 Responses to Philadelphia Loses in a “Super” Kind of Bowl

  1. Tom Jackson says:

    Wow! So that’s what Lingerie Football is all about? Maybe I should be paying more attention! Sure beats the Black Eye Peas!—Tom at Eagles Eye

    • dave says:

      I think watching paint dry would have been better then watching this year’s half-time show! I find Lingerie football a little conflicting because I’m not sure how to view it…as a sport or as “female entertainment”, LOL. But at least it’s interesting!

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