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Kevin Kolb

More news has surfaced to fuel the fire for those who want to see Kevin Kolb traded this off-season.  Per Clark Judge, “there seems to be too much interest in the guy – and too many teams willing to bid on him – for the Eagles not to consider a move“.

If this is truly the case and several teams are interested, this greatly increases the chances that the Eagles will in fact get their supposed asking price…a 1st round pick “plus something else”.  If the Eagles were able to land a pick in the top 12 of the draft I would be astounded.  I’m not exactly on the trade-Kevin-Kolb-bandwagon but I would do it for a 1st round pick, especially a high 1st rounder. 

What is helping Kolb’s trade value is a combination of 2 things: The lack of QB talent in this year’s draft as noted by most draft pundits and the general league perception that the NFL has moved to a pass-heavy league.  The QB position has always been the most important position on an NFL team.  But with the NFL rules forever changing (favoring the offenses) it has made having a stud QB exceedingly more important.  Gone are the days where teams are happy with a Trent Dilfer being a “game manager” and winning with all defense and ball control offense. 

In this new age NFL, teams need a QB who can read and shred defenses to take full advantage of these offensive-minded rules the NFL keeps implementing.   Some teams are desperate and may be willing to pay a 1st round price for the likes of Kevin Kolb.  If a new CBA gets done prior to the draft, things will get very interesting around the Nova Care Complex.

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2 Responses to Kevin Kolb News: Hot Topic at Combine

  1. The Pigeon says:

    I <3 draft picks. Vick or Kolb, it doesn't matter.

  2. dave says:

    To be honest, I’m with ya Pigeon! I’m ok with having Kolb as a starter…provided we improve our OL!

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