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Banner on Reid's future?

Hey Big Guy, time's-a-tickin! Super Bowl or bust!

Joe Banner did an interview yesterday where his main objective was to address the tag designations for Michael Vick and David Akers.  Inevitably he was asked about Andy Reid’s contract and contending for a Super Bowl.  Banner answered the question well and didn’t say anything definitive.  But you know how we are here around Philly, we always have to analyze every comment that comes from the mouth of an Eagles’ VIP.  So first, here is the quote from Joe Banner:

“I think you guys all know, we have a very high opinion of Andy as a person and as a coach. That doesn’t mean to imply that he’s perfect. He would tell you that himself, there’s criticism that’s fair.

“But we attracted a group of coaches here that would never have come if it wasn’t for somebody like Andy being the head coach . . . We attract players that want to play here because Andy’s the head coach. There’s only three teams in the league that have made the playoffs the last 3 years. We’re not satisfied that we only got to the first round. At the same time, we’re not willing to pretend that isn’t an accomplishment.

“The future will be determined when we get there. But whatever criticism it leads to, there’s nobody in any decision-making position in this organization that isn’t going to tell you we have a very, very high opinion of Andy Reid . . .

“We think that the quality of leadership is a crucial, crucial part of evaluating head coaches, and if you look at the ones that have been really successful, they’re all tremendous leaders. So you can sit there and critique: Did we take the right timeout, or this or that? Andy’s leadership skills and his ability, year after year, to rally players to play hard, play together, play selflessly – which is such a difficult challenge of leadership in any professional sport – we put a lot of value on those skills.

“And, at the same time, we’re here to win a championship. That needs to be part of the equation, too.”

Again, most people would read that and not think anything of it.  But where’s the fun in that?  😉  So with that said, here’s my keen reading-between-the-lines skills at work:

The main part of that quote that spoke to me was “The future will be determined when we get there“.  To me, that’s another way of saying “we’ll see”.  For those of you with kids (or perhaps you remember being a kid and hearing this), an answer of “we’ll see” usually transforms into a “no”.  So in essence, if Banner is being asked about Reid’s contract and mixes in that kind of answer, maybe there is reason to believe that the clock has started ticking on Reid. 

If we don’t have something to put in the Lombardi Trophy Case within the next 1 – 2 seasons, the Reid era may come to an end.   That is not wishful thinking on my part, I’m just merely trying to read between the lines here.  Of course, maybe there is nothing there to read. 

What do you think?

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2 Responses to Joe Banner’s Words About Andy Reid…Telling?

  1. Tom Jackson says:

    Well written, Dave… and I agree… Andy has a 2-year window to get the Birds to the Promised Land. I think you analyzed Joe Banner’s psyche very nicely on that point. The only thing that still puzzles me: what is Joe Banner’s claim to job security? If Andy goes, what happens to Joe? Whom can Joe replace Andy with? What if things got worse, not better, without Andy? Then what happens to Joe? Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve often wondered if Joe Banner is even necessary or essential to Eagles operations. Let’s face it, you’ve got the Emperor owners (Jeff Lurie and his wife), Julius Caesar (Andy Reid), and Brutus (Howie Roseman) looking after things… Does Joe Banner’s job really mean that much anymore?

  2. dave says:

    Thanks Tom! Good question about Banner, nobody has ever questioned his job security. But he’s a “capologist”…aka, a numbers cruncher and doesn’t (or shouldn’t) have anything to do with the football side of things.

    I believe that basically, Roseman and/or Reid identify players they want to extend, re-sign, or go after in FA. Once those players are identified, Banner goes to work and figures out how much they can spend on a given player, what they perceive as that player being worth, and what the cap implications will be.

    His position is probably safe indefinitely as he himself shouldn’t really have any impact whatsoever on how the team performs. If the team tanks after Andy eventually leaves, we’ll be in the same boat as most other teams…always searching for the next coach who can turn things around.

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