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As expected, the Eagles placed their franchise tag on Mike Vick.  This will ensure he will remain an Eagle next season according that the eventual new CBA agreement will contain a franchise tag.  If the Eagles do not re-sign Vick to a long term deal, he will be paid the average of the top 5 salaries for QB’s for next season, which is estimated to be close to $20 Million. 

The mildly surprising news was designating kicker David Akers with the transition tag.  This means that the Eagles will have to tender Akers the average salary of the top 10 kickers in the league but he is still free to negotiate with other teams.  The Eagles will have the right to match any offer from another team for his services but will not receive compensation if they choose not to match. 

The tag designations may become irrelevent if the new CBA does not contain them.

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2 Responses to Eagles Franchise Tag Vick, Transition Tag Akers

  1. Tom Jackson says:

    Nice report…I didn’t even know there was a “Transition” tag…I learned something! Thanks…

  2. dave says:

    Thanks Tom. Yeah, you don’t see it used too often these days but it’s still an option teams have…for now.

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