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When the subject of Andy Reid comes up it almost always incites a variety of emotions.  The most common reaction is to vomit, followed by uncontrollable rage, then slipping into deep depression (I kid, of course :)).  But seriously, the most common reaction I’ve noticed is frustration and anger.  People are tired of Andy Reid.  Tired of his own “Reid-isms” such as “we have to do a better job there” and “I have to put them in a better position”, etc etc.  Tired of his pass-happy philosophy.  Tired of his game management skills.  Tired of him drafting badly at certain positions…particularly at DE and LB.  People are more recently tired of his lying (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”…oh wait, that one wasn’t Reid, but he did say he was keeping McDermott and Kolb would remain the starter after week 1, etc). 

With all that said, the thing people are most tired of is LOSING.  How can people say they’re tired of losing when Reid’s overall record is 118-73-1 (.618 winning percentage) and is the winning-est coach in Eagles history?  Well, it is most likely due to his lack of a Super Bowl victory after 12 seasons in charge.  Reid’s Eagles have always come up short of the ultimate goal for one reason or another.  From 01′ through ’03 the main culprit seemed to be a lack of a stud WR.  In ’04 it was the lack of in-game adjustments and urgency, though McNabb took the majority of the heat for the Super Bowl loss.

From ’05 up to the present, there has been a myriad of reasons for falling short including the T.O. fiasco, McNabb’s injuries, McNabb’s decline in play, Reid’s imbalanced run/pass ratio, and most notably, the decline on the defensive side of the ball.  But there has been one thing that has been permeating in the back of my mind for a while now and it was recently brought up by Mike Missinelli on talk radio’s 97.5 The Fanatic.  He  brought up a subject (and a stat to back it up) that brought my nagging thought to the forefront of my mind:  The Eagles always seem to have trouble beating the more competitive teams, aka those with winning records.

A buddy of mine is the one who heard this on the radio and it inspired me to check into it.  In my quest to find the actual stat Mikey Miss was talking about, I found this site, another blog about the Eagles.  But this blog, titled “Fire The Walrus”, is dedicated to reasons for firing Andy Reid.  It is an interesting read, especially if you’re of the opinion Reid should be ousted.  However, it shows Reid as being 48-55 (.466 winning percentage) against teams with a .500 or better record.  The site further shows that Reid’s record in the playoffs is 10-9 with a breakdown of 4-1 against playoff teams with either 8 or 9 wins and is 6-8 against teams with 10 wins or better. 

This shows a compelling trend that Reid’s Eagles beat the teams they should beat and struggle against better competition.  Fire The Walrus goes on to show that, in comparison, Bill Belichick’s career record against teams with winning records is 61-41 (.598 winning percentage) and has been compiled against much tougher AFC opponents.  Belichick has also coached in 19 playoff games and has compiled a 14-5 record with all but 1 game going against teams with 10 or more wins.  I won’t even mention the fact he also has 3 Super Bowl rings (oh wait, I guess I just did).  Belichick obviously is on a different coaching level than Reid, unfortunately for us. 

By beating the teams they should beat, it shows that the Eagles are a good, well coached team.  And for the record, I can say without hesitation that Reid has been the best coach the Eagles have ever had.  But what does having a losing record against winning teams mean?  To me, that boils down to coaching and overall philosophy of how to win when the stakes get higher.  Reid’s philosophy has been to score points early by passing the ball, getting a lead in the 1st half, then trying to run a more balanced attack in the 2nd half.  By scoring points early, it theoretically puts the other team in passing situations so that our “fastball” defense can tee-off on the opposing QB. 

The problem is, that philosophy doesn’t seem to work in reality.  We set a franchise scoring record this past season and could not generate pressure on the opposing QB.  And by the time of the Packers playoff game, did you feel that we would be scoring a lot of points or sacking Aaron Rodgers?  I sure didn’t…for the same reason, we struggle against good teams.  Heck, we came out and stunk it up against a bad Vikings team in a game where, had we won, we could have earned a bye week.

Something needs to change.  Whether it’s changing the head coach or Reid altering his philosophy, something has to change in order for us to reach our ultimate goal of…WINNING A SUPER BOWL.  Reid’s way has not been getting it done.  But alas, we know that we at least have 1 more season with our beloved head coach.  Personally, I’m hoping we load up in free agency to make a serious run next season before Mike Vick breaks down and our nucleus of good young skill players gets broken up.


For those who want an image of Reid that may amuse you, make you ill, or haunt you…check this out.  Someone out there has a pretty strange (but funny) sense of humor:

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5 Responses to Andy Reid – A Complicated Subject

  1. Tom Jackson says:

    Nice article…The more I learn about Reid, however, the more I like him…I’m going to think hard upon his W-L stats vs. teams with better records…but seems like the stat guy on that point is missing a key metric…I mean it’s football, not baseball where you can lose 3 out of 7 to the same team yet still win the playoff or the World Series. Football is one and done…there’s got to be some statistical rating compensation for that factor. Plus, I’d love to know the W-L records against better-record teams of other coaches, like Belichick, just for a means of comparison. Take Green Bay this past season, for example… McCarthy got beat by some teams with way worse records than his team’s…how does that factor in? Maybe the real deal is not so much about who beats you, but when?…interesting… and I loved the Dancing Andy GIF-vid!!!

  2. Tom Jackson says:

    Oooops, sorry, I just re-read the article, and I see the comparable Belichick stats are actually there…okay…now I really have to start dancing to come up with the missing formula as to why I think Andy is just as good! Get back to you on that!

  3. dave says:

    LOL, I’ll be looking forward to that! I think Andy is a good coach and I haven’t reached my breaking point with him yet. But, I’m getting closer each year. I just find it amazing for a coach/team that has come as close as they have, that many times, that they still haven’t been able to bring home the Lombardi Trophy. At what point is it time to go in another direction?

  4. vinnyapp says:

    I just might be the oldest eagles fan here – maybe! I believe Andy is one great coach and can bring the Lomardi trophy to Philly, however, lets focus on what is around him! Sure you can have the best coach in the NFL, however the bottom line is the players. They execute the strategy of the coach and if they, the players cannot execute in unity as a team then we her in Philly won’t see that trophy, at least for a while. Right now I believe we can bring home the trophy but a lot is at stake here with the current situation in Collective Bargaining and who remains an Eagle. I believe we have a great team now and management must look at that and keep all this talent intact. This my opinion and finally for Andy – given the tools he has what it takes to win that Super Bowl!!!!

  5. dave says:

    Good point Vinny! You have to have the players in order to win. The players have to execute, that is a definite. But, it is also the coach’s job to devise a good gameplan to beat a particular opponent. Just like Reid himself likes to say…he has to “put his players in a better position” to win games and that is true! You can’t expect a team to execute pass play after pass play without severely increasing the risk of something negative happening (sack, INT, losing momentum, etc). Reid is a good coach, but he needs to tweak his philosophy a little bit in order to become a “great” coach and win us a championship…aka, run a balanced offense by incorporating the run game more.

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