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Do we really want Chuckie?

The “Gruden replacing Reid” rumor was hilarious.  The rumor was apparently started by a Facebook posting from ex-Eagles fullback Kyle Eckel.  I mean, what better source of information could you ask for?  What’s more interesting is how quickly this rumor took hold and how large it grew.  That speaks volumes about how some Eagles fans are so desperate to see Andy Reid gone that they are willing to believe ANYTHING.  Kyle Eckel is a good guy but the fountain of information he is not.  Now if he had said the Eagles are going to hire Dick Lebeau to run their offense that would have been more believable!

Mike Caldwell, new Eagles LB coach

Mike Zordich, Eagles Secondary (safeties) coach

The hiring from within continues as former Eagles players Mike Caldwell and Mike Zordich have been promoted to LB and Secondary (safeties) coaches respectively.  Caldwell was with the Eagles from 1998-2001 and was a back-up linebacker and star special teamer.  Zordich was our starting strong safety from 1994-1998.  Both were considered “heady” players who got by more on knowledge and instinct rather than athleticism.  As much as the defensive coaching staff is changing, the more it seems like it is staying the same.

Wants Kevin Kolb as his QB

I’d like to offer a special thank you to Larry Fitzgerald for bumping up Kevin Kolb’s trade value.  The Cardinals sought a recommendation from Fitz about who he would prefer to be catching passes from and his first answer was Kevin Kolb.  He also mentioned Marc Bulger, who is scheduled to become a free agent in March.  Apparently Fitz has no desire to catch ankle missiles and is concerned about the welfare of the worms living in the University of Phoenix Stadium because the words “Donovan” and “ McNabb” never came out of his mouth.   

Note that Whisenhunt wanted Bulger last year but was overruled by the front office so unfortunately, he could be more of the real target.  If you were the Cardinals, who would you rather have….Kolb or Bulger?  Or more precisely, would you rather have Bulger and your 2nd round pick or Kolb and no 2nd round pick (plus another pick possibly)?  Maybe I’m biased but I’d rather have Kolb in that scenario.

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